What causes hair breakage and how to stop it? Everything about Bond Repair

A game-changing hair-bonding treatment to fix hair breakage

Hair breakage can be a frustrating and seemingly never-ending issue for many individuals, and finding an effective remedy is often challenging. Here, we uncover the main factors that contribute to hair breakage, including the crucial role of hair bonds in maintaining hair health. We will also break down the ins and outs of the new Bond Repair Collection by L’Oréal Paris’ Hair Expertise, a groundbreaking collection of hair care products designed to target and repair damaged hair bonds, ultimately restoring your hair's strength, resilience and vitality.

Say goodbye to brittle, fragile strands and embrace a future of luscious, healthy locks with the transformative power of Bond Repair. resilience, and vitality.

What causes hair breakage?

Hair breakage is primarily caused by the weakening or damage of the hair's structural components, particularly hair bonds. These bonds are essential for maintaining the hair's strength and elasticity. A combination of factors, including excessive heat styling, chemical treatments, and environmental stressors, can contribute to the disruption of hair bonds, resulting in hair breakage. To better understand the role of hair bonds in preventing breakage, it is important to dig into the nature of hair bonds and the contribution of hair bonding treatments to hair health.

What are hair bonds?

Simply put, bond-building products mend the broken bonds in hair. When those bonds are repaired, the cuticle of the hair strand lies flatter (it’s less roughed up) and the protein levels in the hair are boosted for an overall healthier, shinier look and feel. Essentially, it’s the secret sauce for how to stop hair breakage.

What hair-bonding treatment should I use?

We’re glad you asked! While traditional damaged-hair products and repairing treatments work to seal hair cuticles, the new Bond Repair Collection by L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise works from the inside out to rebuild and recreate intramolecular bonds. This collection harnesses innovative technology with citric acid to dramatically increase hair-fiber resistance, reducing breakage by 98%, increasing shine by 90%, and resulting in 12 times fewer split ends.

The easy-to-use 4-step regimen begins with the Bond Repair Pre-Shampoo, which oversaturates hair with maleic acid and a 3% citric acid concentration to recreate bonds and strengthen fibers. After a five-minute application, rinse and follow with the Bond Repair Shampoo and Bond Repair Conditioner respectively to cleanse, reinforce, and seal the hair cuticle. Finish with the Bond Repair Leave-In Serum to protect hair bonds and enhance smoothness and shine. Experience a revolutionized hair bonding treatment with the L'Oréal Paris Bond Repair Collection.

Bond Repair Collection by L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise includes:

L’Oréal Paris Bond Repair Rescue Pre-Shampoo

A lightweight pre-shower treatment applied to the hair before the usual lather, rinse, and repeat routine. It penetrates the hair cortex with a high concentration of pure citric acid to rebuild and recreate inner broken hair bonds. This treatment is the hero product of the Bond Repair line, as it delivers the highest concentration of citric acid directly to the cortex of the hair and works in conjunction with the rest of the collection to boost the shine and health of the hair.

L’Oréal Paris Bond Repair Shampoo

Applied after the Pre-Shampoo, this rich shampoo gently cleanses the hair without leaving it feeling stripped. Along with its gentle cleansing properties, it works to reinforce the bonds of the hair to keep each strand strong and resilient.

L’Oréal Paris Bond Repair Rescue Conditioner

The best follow-up to shampoo, this luxe conditioner provides an added boost of citric acid and seals off the cuticle in each strand to ensure maximum care to the bonds within the hair. After showering, your hair should feel soft and nourished.

L’Oréal Paris Bond Repair Leave-In Serum

The last step in this hair-bonding treatment is the Leave-In Serum. Designed to protect the hair from external damage, this silky serum glides onto the hair and acts as a shield to maintain the strength of the hair bonds and enhance smoothness. It’s the perfect final touch to maintain the strength of your hair and boost that glossy finish.

That’s that on hair rebonding! The Bond Repair Collection by L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise is the ultimate hair bonding treatment to incorporate into your shower routine to stop hair breakage, bringing it back to its strong former condition and minimizing split ends, frizz, and weak cuticles.