Your At-Home Hair Colouring Guide

As the #1 hair colour brand, we are here to help as your at-home hair colour advisor. Our online tools and resources are available below to help you dye your hair with confidence and ensure beautiful results.

Tools and Resources

Expert Advice from L’Oreal Paris Hair Expert and Artist Brennen DeMelo

1. Brush out your hair to start to remove all tangles and knots to be able to section the hair with ease.
2. Divide and clip up all your hair into 4 sections from the top of the ear, to the ear and temple, to the temple. If clips are not available braid or twist to control the section.

1. Large combs help to get hair colour to the end of the hair and ensures the saturation is consistent if the hair is coloured from root to ends.

Colour Selection
1. For bold hair colour, you may need a pre-lightening step to achieve bright, bold colour results. I recommend Feria Platinum to pre-lighten the hair.
2. For more natural colour and root touch-ups try to stay with 1-2 levels lighter or darker of your natural hair depending on your desired result.

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