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Your At-Home Hair Colouring Guide

Looking for a change? You’re at the perfect place to get any help you might need! Below are the tools to help you find the best product, how to choose the right shade, or to get further assistance.


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How to dye hair?
Depending on what coloration product you are using, we recommend following the instructions on the pack. Before all colourings, you should always do an allergy test 48 hours prior.
How long does semi-permanent hair dye last?
Semi-Permanent hair dye should wash off after a certain amount of washes. For our Smart Fade Technology with our blue, indigo purple, burgundy, and teal shades in Colorista Semi-Permanent, colour should last for 5-10 shampoos. For our pink shades, colour should last between 4-8 shampoos. For Le Color Gloss, our toning gloss lasts up to 10 days.
Does hair dye expire?
Our Haircolor does not have an expiration date. They have a 3-year shelf life. As long as the product smells okay, and mixes properly, you are okay to use it. Note that the package does not have an expiration date printed. The lot code cannot confirm date manufactured.
How to get hair dye off face/out of skin?
The darker the shade, the more pigment and staining is more obvious. If hair colour is still in hair: when rinsing add water & gently massage stained skin area. The cleansing agents in the shampoo will help remove the staining.

If hair colour is washed out: conditioner or face cream will help to remove the stain.
How to get hair dye out of clothes?
We test our products on hair only and therefore cannot offer a solution for removal. For clothing, we suggest the dry cleaner. For household items, we recommend contacting a professional cleaner or hardware store.