Looking to cover those roots in between colorings? Try our root concealers and match your roots to your hair color. Our shades match all colors, even salon ones. With quick, easy and safe application, you can target grey hairs or dark roots to get perfectly blended coverage.

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Magic Root Cover Up : Temporary Root Touch Up

Magic Root Cover Up instantly covers grey hair in seconds. Perfect for a quick fix in between home coloring, salon appointments or the sudden appearance of grey hair.


Magic Root Precision : Temporary and Precise Root Touch Up

This root concealer is designed to target greys on temples and scattered greys with its precise corrector brush. Suitable for color-treated hair and all hair types. It lasts until the next shampoo.


Magic Root Permanent : Permanent Root Touch Up

Magic Root Permanent covers 100% of grey hair in 10 minutes. The color perfectly matches your hair color, whether at home or in the salon, and lasts up to 4 weeks. 

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Find the perfect hair color that matches your desired look with our personalized services.

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Phones Apps
  • Virtual Try On
    Virtually try on a multiple shades across our hair color range to pick a shade that suits you best.
  • Hair Color Diagnosis
    Quickly identify the perfect formula and shade to reach your hair color dreams.
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