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How to Refresh Your Hair Colour at Home

You can do it yourself. Sometimes all you need are a few hair colour ideas and a handful of tried-and-tested tips on how to colour hair at home. Whether you want to touch up your roots, apply all-over colour, refresh your highlights or even achieve ombré, there’s an at-home hair colouring kit for you. So, get ready and grab your oldest oversized T-shirt. This helpful guide is here to hold your hand every step of the way.

If you’re really pressed for time, you don’t even have to get wet to completely conceal greys anymore. To cover any regrowth area (especially greys!), you can now spray on temporary colour with L’Oréal Paris Magic Root Cover Up , which comes in seven shades ranging from light/medium blonde to black. Choose a shade that matches, or is slightly darker than, the lengths of your hair to achieve a natural look. Simply shake, and then aim for any visible roots, continuing the colour partway down the length. The best part? It’s completely commitment-free, so colour will wash out with your very next shampoo.

Got a little more time? You can cover unsightly roots and richen all-over hair colour, with long-lasting results, using a permanent hair colour like L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème Detailed directions are in every box, so the only thing that can be tricky is finding the right shade.  To ensure that your hair colour goals are realistic, pay attention to the side of the box while shopping. Your pigment should match the “before” colour closely, and the “after” will be within a reasonable range of the finished product. closely, and the “after” will be within a reasonable range of the finished product.

Now for some hand-holding tips that you won’t often find in the directions. It’s best to dye hair approximately 48 hours after your last wash; the buildup of oils acts as a natural barrier between your scalp and the potentially irritating ammonia in permanent hair colour. If you’re a total novice, do a strand test somewhere not so visible—it’s the only way to know 100% how it’s going to turn out. Divide your hair into three or four sections. If your hair has been dyed before, start applying the formula an inch away from the roots, taking the colour all the way down to the tips. When you’re completely done with each section, go back and take care of those virgin-root areas. Reducing the processing time slightly reduces the chance of dreaded “hot roots.”

We’re going to be honest: Attempting highlights is taking your hair colour game to the next level. But we have faith in you! Choose a shade that’s just one tone lighter than your base. In terms of placement, consider the rule of quarters: Section out approximately 10 to 12 pieces a quarter-inch wide and approximately a quarter-inch apart. Don’t worry about perfect placement—some level of unevenness is much more natural than anything too symmetrical anyway. Some brushes, such as the one included in L’Oréal Paris Colorista Bleach Highlights, are three-pronged to do the spacing work for you. The Direct Dye solution contains conditioning elements that makes for an easy and moisturizing hair lightening experience. Plus, the formula is free from ammonia, peroxide and is vegan.

Anyone who’s a current fan of ombré knows the feeling: when your darker roots start to get waaay too long and your overall look starts to lack that reverse halo of brightness. You can touch it up at home by applying hair colour from the tips upward instead of from the roots downward. Working in sections, saturate your ends using the disposable gloves included in the box of L’Oréal Paris Colorista Bleach Ombré. When you’re about two-thirds of the way up the shaft of each piece, rub back and forth slightly (using fingers or the provided comb) to create a natural, jagged edge. Choose a handful of pieces to carry colour all the way up near the roots, especially to frame your face. This will break up any obvious pattern. That’s it—you’re golden!

If you’ve stayed within our recommended limits of at-home hair colour, you should never end up with a final look that’s too drastic or unexpected. But if you strayed and you’re feeling a little mournful, try washing immediately with clarifying shampoo. It will soften the look, but it won’t reverse hair dye completely.

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Your at-Home Hair Colouring Guide

As the #1 hair colour brand, we are here to help as your at-home hair colour advisor. Our online resources are available below to help you dye your hair with confidence and ensure beautiful results.

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