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Salon-inspired hair color at home
Customize your look with L’Oréal Paris hair color products tailor-made to suit your unique needs and style without compromising on color intensity or safety. Since being founded by visionary chemist Eugène Schueller in 1909, L’Oréal Paris has brought salon-quality hair color to homes across the world. Committed to scientific innovation, our laboratory teams develop safe formulas for lasting luminous color to bring out the best in hair.

Get the best of grey coverage and care at home. Rich, radiant colour with 100% grey coverage and a triple care routine inspired by the salon experience.

Discover Excellence


Get the most sophisticated salon-inspired color and techniques at home, approved by salon lovers. Enjoy up to 8 weeks of fade-defying, luminious colour full of reflects.

Discover Superior Preference


Get Multi-Faceted Shimmering Color at home.  Amazing color with 3X the highlights for vibrante color transformations.

Discover Feria 


Are you ready for your first hair colour? Easy application, zero commitment and a gentle hair color that conditions hair with glossy shine whilst optimally covering 1st greys.

Discover Casting


Want to cover your grey roots between colorings? 3, 2, 1... Roots Gone! Say goodbye to roots in just 3 seconds with the #1 root concealer in the world.

Discover Magic Root Cover Up


Ever wished for a hair color as quick and easy as shaving? Specially developed to offer men natural, indetectable shades. No ammonia. No mess. Fades in 6 weeks.

Discover Men Expert One Twist

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What are your needs ?

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Permanent hair color

L’Oréal Paris permanent hair-dye combines long-lasting color, safety and 100% grey coverage. Our mission is to empower women with hair color to reveal on the outside who they are on the inside, instantly and overtime.


Temporary Hair Dye

Whether you’re looking to test out a new color or to cover your first greys, our non-permanent hair dyes are for you. All our products are non-commital and offer fast application and natural-looking hair result that fade away gradually with shampoo. Go for a soft and volumptuous hair look with our safe, ammonia-free formulas.


Root Touch Up

Looking to cover those roots in between coloring? Try our root concealers and match your roots to your hair color. Our shades match all colors, even salon ones. With quick, easy and safe application, you can target grey hairs or dark roots to get perfectly blended coverage



Ready to create a stunning all-over bleach blonde look? Looking for a bleaching base for a vivid color? Go from brown to platinium blonde in 1 step! L’Oréal Paris bleach products give you up to 8 levels of lift with a gentle formula and an after-care ourple anti-brass conditioner providing reinforcing care for strong hair.


Salon Techniques

At L’Oréal Paris, we believe in bringing salon-inspired looks and tools into your home. With a wide choice of easy-to-use salon techniques, achieve luminous sun-kissed hair, sophisticated colors and trendy styles without compromising on the result.


Men’s Hair Color

We’re convinced that men’s hair color should combine fast, easy, mess-free application and undetectable color. All our men’s hair color products are based on ammonia-free formulas that are safe and gentle on hair. Try our hassle-free solution for natural-looking colors that fade in 6 weeks.

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Find the perfect hair color that matches your desired look with our personalized services.

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Phones Apps
  • Virtual Try On
    Virtually try on a multiple shades across our hair color range to pick a shade that suits you best.
  • Hair Color Diagnosis
    Quickly identify the perfect formula and shade to reach your hair color dreams.
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What is the difference between semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent?
Semi-permanent hair color does not contain peroxide so it can not lift the hair, therefore it can only make the hair darker and not lighter. The color will only last about six to twelve shampoos because it only deposits the hair color on the outermost layer of the hair. This is a good choice to try if you are afraid you may not like the color. Also, semi-permanent will enhance the shine and condition of the hair since it is not lifting. Demi-Permanent hair color contains low amounts of peroxide which unlike semi-permanent, it can lighten the hair slightly. Demi-permanent deposits the color between the cuticle and cortex, therefore, making it last longer, anywhere from 12 – 26 washes. Permanent hair color just as the name suggests, it is a permanent hair color and will last until the colored strands grow out. Permanent hair color can lighten hair up to 4 levels anything more than that is not recommended as it can cause damage to the hair.
How often should I shampoo my hair after a color service?
After you receive your color service, wait at least 24 hours before shampooing your hair…48 hours is even better. Try and limit your washing to 3 times a week, especially if you have a more intense color like, red.
Can pregnant women have their hair coloured?
This is a really common question, but yes it is safe to colour hair during pregnancy or when breastfeeding. It’s natural to be apprehensive about colouring your hair during this anxious time, but as long as the normal procedures are carried out (e.g. Allergy test 48 hours before), then the normal rules still apply.
Why do blondes sometimes go green?
Blonde hair doesn’t contain a lot of colour pigment, and it is generally more porous than other hair colours, which leaves it susceptible to absorbing whatever it is soaked in. When you are in the swimming pool, it is the oxydisation of copper and iron in the water (caused by the chlorine) which can leave blonde hair with a nasty green tinge! Think of it as a similar reaction to rain creating rust!
Is it better to colour hair before or after a holiday?
It is always best to colour hair after a holiday – the sun and the pool can wreak havoc on freshly coloured hair! Also, if your client is holidaying somewhere hot and exotic, the change in conditions can leave hair dry, dull and brittle – so it’s always best to get them to check in after their trip for a recondition with their colour.
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