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Explore your skin in a way never thought possible. With just a simple selfie to work from, Skin Genius generates an in-depth skin diagnosis of your skin’s lines, wrinkles, deep wrinkles, eye wrinkles, firmness, pores, skin tone, and radiance. The best bit? Skin Genius constructs a tailor-made skincare routine built around your personal online skin analysis, your skin type, and level of skin sensitivity. The skin scanner generates results that are up to 95% accurate compared with live dermatologist consultations. Find out how to use the tool step-by-step, and more about the beauty behind the brains.



Few women truly know how to find the right foundation. Let’s be honest, many of us make the “looks about right” conclusion then get on with more important things. So we’ve made it easy. In just 10 seconds, the Match My Shade skin scanner identifies the exact foundation shade required for a seamless blend with your natural skin color. The generated foundation recommendations also cater to your skin type and desired makeup coverage & finish. Don’t hide behind the wrong foundation. Celebrate your skin and kick guesswork to the curb with this revolutionary foundation finder. Discover the technology behind this fast & faithful foundation match finder, how to use it, and how we achieve a 95% skin matching accuracy.



Virtual Makeup Try On is an immersive makeup simulator that lets you try on lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, foundation, bronzer, highlighter, blush, & many more products. Everything you need for the ultimate virtual makeover! With 400 shades to test, this makeup test is a digital must-try for unleashing creativity, celebrating your individuality, & discovering the perfect products. And the science is even more fun—here’s how the virtual makeup try on scans your face to create true-to-life makeup finishes and colors, and how to use for the most beautiful results..



What hair color suits me?! Great question. Finding the color match that perfectly harmonizes with your skin tone, eye color, and personal style isn’t a simple matter, and botched hair dye attempts can stay with us for a while. This is why L’Oréal Paris have created the Virtual Try On Hair Color. Finally, women everywhere can see superb color accuracy results for themselves before dipping into the dye. The hair dye try on lets you browse more than 200 hair colors and offers bespoke colorant advice just for you. Discover how augmented reality is used to optimize this online tool, and our simple guide on how to use it.


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