Beard-Care Tips for Men Who Love the Lumberjack Look

Opting for a beard takes more than just deciding not to shave. Keep everything groomed with these beard-care tips from an expert.

So you’ve decided to grow a beard. Congrats! A beard is a trendy and impactful way to change up your look. Plus, beards can offer shape and definition to your face and communicate a sense of self-assured ease. But there’s more to growing a beard than just not shaving. In fact, the line between a great full beard and something much more unkempt is razor-thin. Beard care and maintenance might seem a bit overwhelming if you’re a beard newbie, but it doesn’t have to be, even if you are interested in incorporating beard-care tips, beard oil, grooming tips and more into your beard routine.

Here, L’Oréal Paris Canada Hair Artist & Expert Brennen Demelo shares his can’t-grow-it-without-’em tips to make sure that your foray into facial hair results in a professional-looking beard.

  1. Keep it clean.

It goes without saying that if you’re going to grow a beard, you need to keep it clean—much like the hair on your head. Opt for a beard shampoo that will keep everything fresh. Though it may seem strange to shampoo your beard, the results—a softer, fuller beard—will convince you to keep it up. Using a product that can tackle your hair, your beard and your face is a great way to save time in the shower and minimize the number of products you use. Always look for product lines or men’s grooming kits to get the most out of your beard-cleaning experience.

Demelo suggests L’Oréal Paris Men Expert BarberClub 3-in-1 Facial, Beard and Hair Wash. You’ll save time in the shower.

  1. Keep it groomed.

What’s the biggest mistake men make when growing a beard? “They just let it grow,” says Demelo. “Some guys just let their beard grow like a wild garden on their face, but upkeep is very important.” This means trimming and shaping your beard—consider the beard style you want and how it fits in with your face. The opportunities are endless, but you want to make sure you opt for something that is flattering and strong. “Your facial hair has a strong impact on your facial features, so groom your beard!” says Demelo. While there are plenty of beard styles, opt for something that mimics a natural growth shape—but with a more groomed hand, of course. “Keep the neck area tapered and clean,” suggests Demelo. “You can use the Adam’s apple as a guide for where to shave.” Try not to follow your jawline; instead, keep your shave line lower and taper it.

  1. Use product.

Though you might be tempted to live that wild-man life and just let your beard do what it wants, using a grooming product is key if you want to pull off a successful bearded look. In fact, “a well-groomed beard can actually appear fuller,” says Demelo. Opt for grooming supplies like beard oil or beard cream that help to keep your beard healthy looking. Consider descriptors like smooth, shine and soft when thinking about how to care for your beard. “Cleansing and using products to smooth and shine your beard are all very important,” says Demelo.

Opt for oils and creams designed for beard care, and use a beard brush to help exfoliate the skin under your beard—which is important if you want to keep your skin healthy too.

Demelo suggests L’Oréal Paris Men Expert BarberClub Long Beard and Face Oil for longer beards and L’Oréal Paris Men Expert BarberClub Beard and Hair Cream for shorter beards.

Still not convinced you should grow and groom a beard? Demelo just might change your mind. “There’s a sense of easygoingness to a beard—and it definitely simplifies a man’s daily routine,” he says. Plus, a beard offers up protection for your face and an opportunity to truly define your look. “Beard life is the simple life.”

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