Pure Retinol Skin Care Benefits

There are many retinols available in the market: complexes, derivatives, and PURE. Pure Retinol is a top dermatologist recommended anti-aging ingredient proven to visibly reduce wrinkles, even deep ones. With many retinols available in skincare, those that don't say PURE are likely a derivative and could be less potent.


What is retinol and what does retinol do?

There are many retinols available in the market: complexes, derivatives, and PURE. Retinol is one of the most researched molecules in skincare and a top dermatologist-reccomended ingredient. A form of vitamin A, retinol helps stimulate skin cell turnover which decreases overtime with age. By using retinol you are refining and resurfacing the skin to improve the appearance of wrinkles, texture and uneven tone. Dermatologist always recommend to use PURE retinol because it is proven to work faster.

What is the difference between pure retinol and retinol derivatives/complexes?

Many brands don’t use PURE retinol, though most effective, it is unstable when exposed to air and light causing it to be less effective overtime. L’Oreal Paris’s exclusive international patent-pending technology, RETINOL GUARD TM, helps to protect the formula so it is potent & effective from the first drop to the last. This formula has also been validated by a panel of dermatologists.

Is 0.3% a high concentration of Pure Retinol?

0.3% Pure Retinol is considered a potent concentration and it has been dermatologist validated. This optimal level allows for fast and visible results you expect from Retinol limiting the discomfort this ingredient may cause.

What is the right age to introduce retinol to your skin?

Every age benefits from retinol. Retinol in your early 20’s is important for preventative reasons to keep your skin at its best performance. In your 30’s your skin will continue to behave as it was in your 20’s. In your 40’s and 50’s retinol will continue to work on cell turnover and tackle wrinkles, even deep ones. The skin in any age will always benefit from retinol – so never stop using it!

Can retinol be used by all skin types?

Yes, our Retinol serum has been tested on all skin types. Follow the usage instructions. Week 1: Start using 2 nights/week. Week 2: Use every other night. Week 3: Use nightly. It is normal to experience some initial redness/dryness. Stop usage and ask your doctor should discomfort continue.

What other products can I use with retinol?

You can use retinols with other actives, but the important part is for your skin to acclimate to the retinol first before slowly introducing other ingredients. Expert advice from our Derm Panel: Do not use retinol with is benzoyl peroxide. At night, cleanse your skin with Revitalift 3.5% Glycolic Cleanser. Apply the Retinol serum to dry skin. Follow with Revitalift 1.5% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum to intensely hydrate. Finish with the Revitalift Triple Power Moisturizer.

What does pure retinol do?