Transform Your Hair At Home With These Salon Quality Treatments

  1. Dream Lengths Savior Mask

If you have ever dreamed of long hair, then our Dream Lengths Savior Mask will quickly become your go-to. Enriched with our dream cocktail of Vegetal Keratin, Castor Oil and Vitamins, it instantly regenerates strength and rescues damaged lengths. After applying shampoo, wring out wet hair and spread evenly along your lengths, focusing on the tips. Leave in for 2-3 minutes, then rinse.

  1. 8-Second Wonder Water

If you’re looking for softer, shinier, and healthier hair in no time, this new generation of hair treatment is perfect for you. Based on the latest lamellar technology, the liquid formula of our 8-Second Wonder Water targets damaged areas of hair instantly and weightlessly. Hair is detangled in an instant, and shine and softness are restored from the first use. This innovative treatment is perfect for all hair types, even fine hair. Application is easy: Apply the liquid formula on wet hair after shampooing and massage for 8-seconds before rinsing out. The bottle has marks so you can measure the correct dose of product for your hair.

  1. Extraordinary Oil Penetrating Oil

Finally, if your hair is in need of a little extra nutrition, it is time to incorporate our Extraordinary Oil Penetrating Oil into your beauty routine. This luxurious leave-in treatment with precious oils penetrates the hair fibre to nourish hair for softer and shinier looking hair, with no greasy finish or weigh down. Suitable for all hair types, you can use this treatment in two ways; either before styling to control hair and fly-aways or as a finishing oil for exquisite softness and shine. You can also combine this treatment with either of the above to get the benefits of both.

Adding any of these salon quality treatments to your daily hair care routine will give you transformative results, so why not start today?

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