For your best hair transformation that you see and feel.

L'Oréal Paris brings every woman pioneering hair science to ensure the best hair transformation, with instant and visible results. Our innovative, affordable and environmentally friendly products democratize high-end haircare and gives you the right care for you hair.

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  Bond Repair

The breakthrough Bond Repair range rescues severely damaged hair. Powered by Citric Acid, the formula works at the cortex level to rebuild inner broken hair bonds and restore the hair’s original strength.

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  Hyaluron Plump

Inspired by skin care and powered by Hyaluronic Acid, Hyaluronic Plump replumps dehydrated, dull, and flat hair with a 72-hours moisture injection without any weigh down.

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  Hyaluron Pure

Inspired by skin sciences and formulated with Salicylic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid, Hyaluron Pure gently removes impurities and oil on your scalp for 72-hours of purified roots and hydrated lengths.

Coming in 2024 

  Extraordinary Oil

Infused with precious oil extracts, the world’s N°1 treatment for dry, rough & dull hair instantly replenishes the fiber with nourishing lipids for 8 weeks nutrition and shine.

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  Dream Lengths

Long hair often means split ends, hair breakage and damaged lengths. Created with a blend of fine castor oil and vitamins, Dream Lengths reduces breakage and visibly repairs hair damage without weighing down your strands. Save your last centimeters to get the long hair of your dreams

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  Color Radiance

Discover the ultimate solution to longer-lasting color. Color Radiance’s acidic technology seals color into hair cuticle for 10 weeks of intense vibrancy and boosted protection against UV rays and water.

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  Color Radiance Purple

For blondes who need a color refresh and rich care for their bleached hair or highlights. Color Radiance Purple is loaded with blue and purple pigments that cancel brassy tones, no matter how dark your base is.

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  Total Repair 5

Total Repair helps repair the 5 problems of damage: tangled, fried, weak, brittle hair and split ends. Its powerful Repair Concentrate with Keratin XS penetrates deeply in the hair’s fiber to restore the structure and brings hair back to its virgin condition.

Discover Total Repair 5

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Hair care : What are your main concerns?

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Damaged Hair

Hair dyeing and styling tools give everyone the freedom to change their hair. But frequent transformation can cause deep damage to the fiber. Hair cannot self-repair, it becomes dull, brittle, lifeless and lacks volume. Introducing Bond Repair, our first deep repair treatment that repair damaged hair bonds for stronger and healthier hair.


Dehydrated hair

Dehydrated, lifeless hair? These are the signs of loss of moisture. Our rehydrating routine with hyaluronic acid instantly coats cuticles and fills hair with 72h of moisture, for shinier hair with no weigh-down.


Oily roots & Dehydrated lengths

Oily roots, while lengths feel dry? Just like on the skin of your face, the build-up of dead cells, impurities, and oil on your scalp can lead to oily roots and hair that looks flat and dull. That is why the Hyaluron Pure 72H Purifying Shampoo for oily roots is the solution to longer-lasting fresh roots and hydrated lengths.


Dry, dull & rough hair

Dry hair can become dull and brittle. Enriched with 6 precious oils, Extraordinary Oil delivers intense nutrition, lustrous shine and softness with a luxurious fragrance to transforms, nourish, and revive your dull hair.


Long hair prone to breakage

Long hair goes through a lot - it gets damaged, split-ends appear, and it needs to be cut. Dream Lengths intensely repairs lengths right to the tips so you can save your last 3cm. Say goodbye to thinning, damaged lengths with this Dream cocktail of Keratin & Castor Oil


Fading hair-color

Light, UV rays, friction, water from the shower or pool are all factors that prevent our color-treated hair from staying as vibrant and shiny as it was on day one. Color Radiance uses an anti-fade technology developed by L’Oréal Paris to protects your colour and nourishes your hair, for vibrant hair that shines.


Blond or silver that turn yellow

Brassiness is the number one threat to blonde or highlighted hair, especially if the base is dark. Indeed, the more you bleach, the more the yellow and orange tones stand out. To correct these devious colors and keep a fresh, clean and well-moisturized blonde, you need to treat your platinum or highlights with products concentrated in blue and violet pigments and nourishing elements.

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Since 1989
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