Throwback Spotlight: L’Oréal Kids Gives Us Serious 90s Vibes

Every 90s baby knows the ads: A group of kids with amazing hair running around “Camp L’Oréal” and shots of fish-shaped bottles of shampoo diving out of giant piles of fruit. They dominated the airwaves way-back-when and almost everyone who watched television in that decade remembers that now ubiquitous slogan: “Because We’re Worth It Too!”

Like indestructible chunky cellphones, fanny packs, bucket hats, and choker necklaces, L’Oréal Kids was a cultural icon of decades gone by. Years later, many 20 and 30-somethings still remember these ads and that iconic slogan. What they might not realize is that those fish-shaped bottles are still alive and kicking and a new generation of kids are discovering the joys of bath time with the fun little fish-shaped bottles and awesome fruity scents.

They smell just as cool as you remember, with awesome scents like Orange Mango, Tropical Punch, and Cool Melon. It’s pretty much a smoothie bar right in your bathroom (but please, don’t try and taste it!). They feature time saving 2-in-1 technology that cleanses and conditions hair in 1 compact bottle – perfect or the gym or slipping into a beach bag.

As for the science, they’re still tear-free and tested by both ophthalmologists and dermatologists, so they’re safe and eyes and skin.

If we had to pick a favourite, it’d be the Orange Mango 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. Of course it smells absolutely amazing and it’s the same shampoo you love, but now without the parabens. It contains a seriously smooth formula that both cleanses and conditions. Knots instantly vanish and hair is detangled, smooth, and oh-so-soft. Plus, the smell is out of this world. As a bonus, it’s tested under ophthalmological and dermatological control so you know it’s safe for your kiddos (or yourself – we won’t judge!).

Don’t forget the Silky Pear Tangle Tamer too! Use it together with the shampoo to free yourself from the toughest knots and detangle hair in a single stroke of a brush. Pro Tip: Adults can use it too – it works great on any type of knots and people often tell us it works wonders for unruly hair, regardless of age!

If you have little ones at home (or you’re just feeling nostalgic yourself) you can now pick up L’Oréal Kids Shampoo directly on Amazon it’s the same bottle you loved as a kid with the same great scents! A perfect giveaway for your next 90s-theme party.

So if you’re feeling a little nostalgic and need some reminders of simpler times, why not have an in-shower throwback and break out the kids shampoo. Because you’re still worth it too!

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