L-Oréal Paris X TIFF

This year, L’Oréal Paris has partnered with the Toronto International Film Festival ® to celebrate and spotlight female voices in the industry because we believe we’re all worth it. Discover how these five Canadian women pioneers are empowering and inspiring other women in the industry.
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Rose Supernault

Rose is a Métis/Cree actress and producer from Northern Alberta. With over 17 years’ experience as an actress in the industry, Rose is moving into the role of producer and is shifting the narratives of the way Indigenous women are portrayed in film.

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Rama Rau

Rama is a Canadian Screen Award nominated writer and director who has helped pave the way for female directors in the film industry. Often being the only woman behind the camera in her early film days, Rama strives to empower other women to take up space and tell their stories.


Nicole Dorsey

Nicole is a Canadian film director and screenwriter, known for creating poignant films that create a connection and mirroring between those on the screen and off the screen. Starting her career in film at a young age taught Nicole the importance of staying true to your own voice and vision.

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Aisling Chin-Yee

Aisling is a critically acclaimed director, writer and producer. As a mixed-race woman, Aisling has forged a path of change within the film industry by collaborating with people from various backgrounds and identities so everyone’s stories can be seen on the big screen.


Naledi Jackson

Naledi is a writer, director, and producer who champions the importance of incorporating diversity from an executive level into the industry to ensure everyone’s voices are heard. Naledi’s work draws on personal experiences to share authentic emotions that resonate with her audiences.

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