You Can Do More With Liquid Liner Than Just a Cat-Eye

Getting a perfectly winged cat-eye takes some practice, yes, but it has become one of those looks that will always remain at the top of everyone’s go-to list because it’s simply a classic. The flicked-up eyeliner trend can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt. Fast-forward to the 1950s, when black liquid liner became a massive hit, and thus began the cat-eye’s worldwide takeover.

Since then, the classic cat-eye has been a mainstay on the music scene, in Hollywood and Bollywood and beyond. It’s perhaps so popular because it elongates the eyes and gives the illusion of bigger peepers—and who doesn’t want that? And it’s also universally flattering—any eye shape can pull off a simple, subtle or strong feline flick.

The fashion runways have produced a few fresh new takes on the black eyeliner trend—think graphic lines and unexpected twists to this cat-eye staple. Here, we break down five looks for you to play around with at home. Each will add an interesting and chic new weapon to your beauty arsenal.

A regular cat-eye is still a must in any makeup lover’s beauty routine. Grab L’Oréal Paris Infallible Flash Cat Eye Liner and have some fun with it. Pull off the little wing stencil to help create a super-precise flick on the outer corners of your eyes. The stencil really makes this look so simple to achieve, and the formula is waterproof, so it will last all day without budging or smudging. If you’re adept at drawing the cat-eye and don’t need the stencil, you can still create this look thanks to the thin liquid liner applicator.

Add interest to your look by keeping things graphic and oh-so-chic with a black eyeliner flick at the outer corners of the eyes but nowhere else—i.e., start at the edge of your lashes and flick out. Simply add mascara to your top and bottom lashes and go!

Cat-eye tips

  • Don’t forget to prep your bare lids with a little translucent powder so they stay matte, adding even more staying power to the best cat-eye you’ve ever had.
  • When applying your liquid liner, make sure you draw the liner into the lash line to prevent any space between the liner and eyelashes.
  • Don’t be afraid to try the floating crease. It’s been popping up on the runways and looks so To work the floating crease into your look, drag the brush about three to five millimetres above your natural crease, mimicking its shape and curve. Keep this look simple and graphic by adding only mascara.
  • Or go big! Make the floating crease super-dramatic by adding three flicks of the black eyeliner at the end of your floating crease. Draw a triangle around those flicks, in the shape of a classic cat-eye. Or go retro by adding a floating crease above your already perfected original cat-eye.
  • If you’re good at swinging that liquid liner brush, add an open-space triangle at the outer corner of each eye. You can use the stencil to create a sharp triangle shape if needed—with the open end facing in toward your eye. Or simply draw a tiny star toward your temple or add three well-placed dots at the outer corner of each eye. No matter which look you choose, have fun with it and don’t be afraid to play around with combinations of any of the above.
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