Learn How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles And Bags

Whether your bags and dark circles under your eyes are pronounced, hereditary or just temporary, we know you want to avoid looking tired and haggard. So here’s how to get your peepers peachy.

Dark circles vs bags under your eyes – What’s the difference?

Both are signs of fatigue and can be caused by smoking, pollution, alcohol and lack of sleep. They may also be inherited or age-related. However, getting rid of dark circles and bags under eyes are two completely separate issues. Poor circulation causes blood to accumulate, which results in dark circles under the eyes and gives the skin a bluey-violet tinge. Bags, however, are due to fat deposits gathering under the eyelids.

How do I get rid of dark circles and bags under my eyes?

Different problems mean different solutions. As dark circles under your eyes are a circulation problem, the solution is to give your blood flow a good boost. It’s important to fully moisturise this zone with specific eye cream for dark circles, since the skin is extremely thin. So apply an eye contour cream daily, and look for one with active ingredients including caffeine, yeast extract and holly root. Our ultra-light gel-cream Eye Defense With Caffeine & Hyaluronic Acid is specially formulated to remedy puffy eyes, prevent premature skin aging and diminish dark circles. Make sure to keep it in the fridge to keep it chilled – the cold will help boost circulation and reduce any swelling, too. The trick is to massage in the cream to stimulate the skin. If you want to get rid of dark circles under your eyes that aren’t too pronounced, use a roll-on applicator, which will help to relieve any congestion.

Treatment for bags under the eyes is a whole other matter. Your new best weapon? An eye contour mask that will reduce puffiness to get rid of the bags under your eyes. Failing that, the age-old trick of placing slices of cucumber or an ice cube on puffy areas will help, too. To help you combat crow’s-feet, dark circles, bags, puffiness and creepy lids all at once, use our Age Perfect Cell Renewal Eye Contour Cream.

When it comes to makeup, don’t apply thick foundations to dark circles or bags under your eyes, as they will stifle the skin. Instead, opt for a BB or tinted cream. If your circles are very dark, apply a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your skin tone. This will brighten the skin rather than exaggerate the dark hue. Try our True Match Multi-Use Concealer available in 14 true-to-you shades and designed to work with skin to conceal the under eye area and blur imperfections.

And, last but not least, adopt a healthier lifestyle and make sure you get plenty of shut-eye to get back your natural skin glow.

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