Salima El Aliani

Salima El Aliani

We’re delighted to welcome Salima to the L’Oréal Paris team following her victory in The Brush Contest. Salima joins us as our newest Make Up Designer.

At 23years old, Salima is a selftaught make up artist who owns a small business of oriental bridal items near Paris. Salima will start working with L’Oréal Paris immediately, attending all L’Oréal Paris international events, shoots and video tutorials. She will also serve as the ambassador of The Brush Contest. Salima is passionate about spreading happiness through her talent: “I remember one particular episode when I was young. A bride was getting ready on her wedding day and she cried because she did not like her make up. It really made me want to share my passion and make people that I would work on happy”. Her spontaneity and natural talent will be a valued addition as she works alongside the L’Oréal Paris’ Make Up Designer dream team.

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