Hair Color

Why You Need to Try This Natural Hair Colour Gloss

Have you started to spot some early grey hairs poking through your colour? Is your hair not as healthy-looking as it used to be? Don’t panic! With this natural, gentle hair gloss treatment, you don’t have to worry about damaging your precious locks. Instead, you’ll get seamless first grey coverage with a major boost of shine.

If you’ve started noticing your first grey hairs, you might start considering different colouring options, but a lot of women aren’t ready to go straight to permanent colour. Over time, certain permanent dyes can cause damage, making hair look dull and feel dry. That’s where a demi-permanent hair-glossing treatment comes in. L’Oréal Paris Casting Natural Gloss, made with 90% natural-origin ingredients, is one of the best at-home hair colour options for anyone looking to cover up those first greys while keeping their hair super-silky and shiny. And it’s super low commitment! Read on to find out how this innovative hair gloss can transform your look.


What is a demi-permanent hair colour gloss?

Essentially, a demi-permanent hair colour gloss is a treatment that infuses colour and shine into strands lasting up to 28 shampoos. It’s a great option for anyone dealing with dull, lacklustre hair since it boosts vibrance and brilliance. In addition, the demi-permanent aspect makes it perfect for newcomers who want to try a new hair colour without the permanent commitment. And unlike most hair colours, the best hair gloss treatment can help with frizz, split ends and dryness. L’Oréal Paris Casting Natural Gloss is the only 90% natural-origin gentle colour with a conditioning formula that works to condition and smooth hair, adding glossy shine and flawlessly covering first greys. This new gloss complex is free from ammonia and contains natural ingredients like nourishing honey. It’s nature boosted by science! That means you get colour that’s three times glossier and three times silkier for shimmering, manageable hair. Plus, L’Oréal Paris Casting Natural Gloss  is available in 10 shades, so you can go for the colour that best suits your look.


Who can benefit from hair colour gloss?

Anyone looking for a natural and gentle treatment that will provide seamless first grey coverage while re-invigorating the look and feel of their hair should try L’Oréal Paris Casting Natural Gloss. The formula was developed for all hair textures, so anyone struggling with how to cover first greys can reap the benefits. Unlike some harsh at-home hair colour, L’Oréal Paris Casting Natural Gloss is super-gentle on the hair’s surface and there are no silicones—just a silky finish.


How can I add a hair gloss treatment to my routine?

It’s easy to use L’Oréal Paris Casting Natural Gloss at home. Instead of going to the salon when your hair isn't at its best, give this hair colour gloss a try. L’Oréal Paris Casting Natural Gloss lasts for up to 28 shampoos, so you can kiss those first greys goodbye and maximize your hair’s glossy shine.

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