The Benefits Of Clay Masks For Any Skin Type

Much more than a powerful exfoliating and purifying ingredient, clay has been used as a skincare essential by ancient civilizations and for centuries. What's the best modern way to integrate clay into your beauty routine? Clay masks. You want to know how they can benefit your skin, no matter what skin type you have? Discover all the properties of clay masks and L'Oréal Paris own Pure-Clay range suited for every skin concern.

Benefit #1: Exfoliating skin and drawing out the accumulation of impurities, dirt and pollution

From the moment you leave your house in the morning until you come back at the end of the day, pollution and impurities have accumulated on the surface of your skin, clogging your pores. Adding to that, dead skin cells also build up on your skin, potentially causing breakouts. Known for its attracting power, clay draws impurities out of the skin, leaving it fresh and purifying pores.

Benefit #2: Minimizing pores

Your pores are showing off more than you want them to? Here is a good reason why you should try a clay mask. Use it up to three times a week to minimize pores and reveal a smoother complexion that’s the perfect base for your makeup look. Minimize your pores and smooth the surface of your skin with our Pure-Clay Exfoliating & Pore Minimizing mask.

Benefit #3: Preventing breakouts

We are sure you are aware of this fact, but let’s say it again: Dead skin cells, impurities, dirt, oil excess and pollution left on the surface of your skin for too long can cause infection into your pores and turn into breakouts. To prevent such a (horrible) thing from happening, use a clay mask at least twice a week. Our Pure-Clay Clarifying & Smoothing mask will absorb impurities and excess oil, while clarifying your skin.

Benefit #4: Mattifying skin

Oily skin can be quite frustrating to deal with. Luckily, clay is a great skincare ingredient when it comes to mattifying skin. Get a flawless, shine-free look by using a clay mask up to three times a day. Don’t let the excess oil take you down anymore! Try our Pure-Clay Purifying & Mattifying face mask for oily skin with eucalyptus extract that leaves your skin shine-free and smooth.

Benefit #5: Boosting skin glow

Isn’t healthy glowing skin the ultimate goal of any skincare regimen? If you are aiming for a radiant skin, add a clay mask to your skincare routine. Skin dullness is often the result of dead skin cells and impurities building up. By exfoliating the skin, clay masks will help you brighten up your complexion and get your glow back. Formulated with charcoal, our Pure-Clay Energizing & Brightening mask get rids of impurities built up on the surface of your skin to reveal a luminous and fresh complexion.

Benefit #6: Balancing the skin’s natural oil production

You can’t tell if your skin is dry or oily because it shows signs of both? Then, chances are that you have a combination skin. To restore your skin balance and get rid of the oil excess on your T-zone – forehead and nose – use the mattifying power of clay masks. Also, compared to other face masks, those made with clay won’t dry your skin and, therefore, won’t cause irritation on the dry parts of your face such as your cheeks and chin. Get an even skin tone with our Pure-Clay Comforting & Unifying mask with seaweed extract. Ideal for skin with dry spots, it exfoliates gently and cleanses the skin deeply.

Discover Our Pure-Clay Masks

Have the benefits of clay on skin convinced you to integrate it into your beauty ritual? Our different clay masks formulated with three mineral clays and one super ingredient address specific skin concerns. To discover which one of them is perfect for your skin, read about their properties:

L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Clarifying & Smoothing Face Mask: The ideal addition to your skincare routine if you are looking for a luminous and even skin tone is our clay mask with Yuzu lemon. It exfoliates the skin to smooth imperfections.

L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Energizing & Brightening Face Mask: Our clay mask featuring charcoal is the perfect glow booster to revive dull, tired looking skin. It also evens out skin tone, giving you the perfect base for your makeup look.

L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Purifying & Mattifying Face Mask: It’s time for you – not your skin - to shine bright. Our clay mask with eucalyptus extract is your best ally to fight oily skin. Use after use, your skin will feel like it is breathing a little better.

L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Comforting & Unifying Face Mask: Clay benefits any skin type, even the most sensitive! Our Pure-Clay mask with seaweed extract perfects skin surface and gently cleanses stressed areas. This is the mask you want if you are looking for the best face mask for dry skin!
L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Exfoliating & Pore Refining Face Mask: Is having large pores your major skin concern? If yes, try using our Pure-Clay mask with red algae that minimizes pores and smoothes your complexion immediately.

How to Use Our Clay Masks

All over face: All our clay masks can be applied using the same process. On dry skin, apply an even layer of the Pure-Clay mask of your choice and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water and dry your face with a clean towel. Follow with a moisturizer to enhance your skin’s glow. Repeat up to three times a week.

Multi-masking: Generally, we have more than one skin concerns. To address each of them at the same time, try multi-masking - the beauty trend of the moment. Mix and match our clay masks by applying them on different areas of your face for a spa-worthy customized treatment.

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