Hair Color

This Natural Hair Gloss Is a Game-Changer for Hair Colour

Learn how this new hair gloss is shaking up the world of hair colour.

When it comes to hair colour, there’s a vast world out there that provides incredible options for updating your hue at home. L’Oréal Paris is one of the bestselling at-home hair colour brands, and it’s easy to see why. From long-wearing permanent colours to hair gloss treatments and DIY root touch-ups, the brand has something for everyone and every hair need. Over the past few years, hair gloss has become a popular option for those who want to dye their hair at home with a demi-permanent look that will also boost shine. Basically, think of a hair gloss as a tinted topcoat to give your hair noticeable toning with a shiny, glistening finish. Adding to its already-superstar at-home hair colour lineup, L’Oréal Paris recently launched Casting Natural Gloss. The best at-home hair colour for those who want to add shine and natural colour to their strands, this newbie ticks so many boxes for DIY hair colour. And the best part? It’s made from 90% natural-origin ingredients. This hair gloss treatment not only delivers beautiful, natural-looking colour but is also gentle on the hair and the planet. Here, we list three reasons why this is the best hair gloss on the market as well as showcase its innovative natural components.


It’s ammonia-free.

Ammonia is a common ingredient in hair colour, as it’s an alkaline chemical that helps the dye deposit itself onto the cortex of the hair. Typically, ammonia changes the pH level of the hair, and this can weaken strands and cause loss of protein. Ammonia is in permanent hair dyes to give the tone longevity, but it’s not necessary for semi- and demi-permanent at-home hair colours. L’Oréal Paris Casting Natural Gloss is a 100% ammonia-free hair gloss that’s packed with conditioning ingredients that pamper each strand while delivering subtle colour and mega shine. Perfect for first-time hair dyers as its foolproof and easy to use, L’Oréal Paris Casting Natural Gloss is an incredible hair gloss for grey hair because it gently blends the greys away and works seamlessly to cover those early stray ones.


It’s made from 90% natural-origin ingredients.

Unlike many at-home hair colours, L’Oréal Paris Casting Natural Gloss is made from almost entirely natural-origin ingredients. The other 10% in the formula consists of colour agents that will add a subtle colour to your hair without causing any damage. Think of it as nature boosted by science! Because it doesn’t contain ammonia or harsh ingredients, it’s super gentle on the surface of the hair while delivering a heavy dose of shine. The best hair gloss treatment, L’Oréal Paris Casting Natural Gloss is safe to use on all hair textures and provides an innovative gloss complex to ensure each strand stays happy, healthy and shiny, no matter your hair colour or texture.


It doesn’t contain silicones.

Many at-home hair colours contain silicone to deliver that high-shine finish, but silicone can sometimes weigh hair down and make it less voluminous. L’Oréal Paris Casting Natural Gloss is silicone-free and instead employs rich, natural ingredients like honey to give hair that healthy glow. Available in 10 shades, from blond to black (and everything in between), L’Oréal Paris Casting Natural Gloss lasts up to 28 shampoos and only takes 20 minutes to apply. Simply mix up the hair gloss formula, apply it to the hair, massage it in, wait, apply the conditioner and then rinse! You’re left with strands that are three times glossier, three times silkier and absolutely glowing from root to tip.


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