Daily Ritual Nutri-Gold Oil

Daily Ritual

Nutri-Gold Oil

Use as a daily ritual to compliment your day and night regime.

3 DROPS IN THE MORNING: Apply 2 or 3 drops directly on your skin and spread it on the whole face, use quick pressures with the tips of your fingers. The Oil feels luxurious on the skin and gives a radiant looking glow.

UNDER DAY CREAM: In the morning, put 2 drops of oil in the palm of your hand and join both hands to spread the texture. This leaves skin intensely nourished with moisture, even dry zones. The barrier function is strengthened to help protect the skin from becoming dry.

USE AS A NIGHTLY MASSAGE: Place 4 or 5 drops in one palm and join both hands to spread the texture. Apply with gentle pressure on the forehead, the cheeks and the neck. Alone, or under your night cream for an extraordinary luxurious ritual. The Oil leaves you with skin that feels cashmere-soft, cocooned in comfort.



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