Get the Look Wavy Glam Hair

Get the Look

Wavy Glam Hair

Wondering how to get wavy hair? Learn how to create this glam hair style at home using Elnett hairspray from L'Oréal Paris. Effortlessly glamorous and achievable in just six steps, this L'Oréal Paris wavy hair tutorial shows you how to create the look at home.

Starting with dry hair, spray Elnett Precious Oil all over your hair.

Dry hair to add volume and brush your hair.

Select a strand of hair, spray Elnett all over the selected strand and wrap it around a curling iron.

Repeat the gesture throughout the hair and spray Elnett to set the curls.

For a wavy effect, brush your hair.

Select a strand, twist and attach it behind the head with a hair clip. Repeat this on the other side and fix this second strand with the first. Fix the hair style with Elnett.



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