Why You Need Coffee in Your Skincare

Coffee can really pep up your skin, from exfoliating dead skin cells to de-puffing under your eyes. Read on to learn how to incorporate the wonder ingredient into your skincare routine.

New, buzzy skincare ingredients are constantly hitting beauty aisles and trending on social media, but the latest one to garner attention can be found in most kitchen cabinets. While this ingredient is a must for a lot of people in the morning, it’s good for more than just an energy boost. Coffee has been spotted in everything from scrubs for your face, body and lips to under-eye creams to masks. But we’re not talking about washing your face with a cup of joe every morning. Thankfully, there are lots of easy, fuss-free ways to incorporate your favourite brew into your skincare routine to reap all the coffee benefits. L’Oréal Paris Pure-Sugar Coffee Scrub for Rough Skin is a key product to try if you want to give a coffee scrub a go. Read on to learn about how you can work a bit of java into your primping routine and for an outline of some its key benefits.

Coffee is high in antioxidants.

Using a skincare product with coffee has a plethora of benefits, one of which is antioxidants. These are typically sourced from fruits like blueberries and pomegranates, but coffee has a surprisingly high level of them; antioxidants strengthen the skin’s natural defences, shielding it from the free radicals found in pollution, light exposure and more. Try incorporating a coffee-rich cream, scrub or face wash into your beauty routine to up your daily dose of antioxidants.

It’s a gentle exfoliator.

While coffee does the trick for kick-starting you in the a.m., the leftover grounds also have a use. Coffee grounds make for an excellent exfoliator as they gently buff away dead skin cells. L’Oréal Paris Pure-Sugar Coffee Scrub for Rough Skin combines brown, blond and white sugars with finely ground Kona coffee to gently exfoliate and resurface the skin leaving it clean, smooth and supple. This coffee scrub also contains coconut and sweet almond oils to help nourish and purify the skin without stripping away any essential oils.

Make it into a multi-use scrub.

A good scrub can work wonders on your skin, gently sloughing away any built-up dirt and grime to reveal smooth, perfected skin underneath. But the coffee-scrub benefits aren’t just for your face. Your lips, scalp and body can also reap the rewards of a good coffee scrub-down. If you’re wondering how to exfoliate lips with a coffee scrub, it’s simple. Using your finger, gently rub the scrub over the surface of your lips to buff away any dry skin. Towel off any excess and rinse with water to remove any product and, voila, you’ve got yourself a perfectly prepped pucker that’s ready for lipstick. In addition to being a great lip scrub and lip exfoliator, a coffee scrub can be used in your morning shower for silky smooth arms and legs.

It helps banish blemishes.

If you still get the occasional breakout (and who doesn’t?), incorporating a coffee scrub into your morning primping sesh a few times a week helps to curb unruly blemishes by working to exfoliate your skin. Coffee is a gentle alternative to more harsh scrubs but it still resurfaces the skin. Coffee also helps to stimulate blood flow and circulation giving your skin an instant glow, while its high antioxidant levels help to brighten dull, tired skin.

Coffee can brighten, tighten and smooth.

Using a coffee scrub is a simple way to improve your skin. Coffee is known for its multiple skincare benefits and for being ultra-gentle on all skin types, even sensitive. Caffeine is one of the many skin-benefiting aspects of coffee; just like your morning cuppa helps to energize you, caffeine also helps to energize your skin when applied topically. Caffeine is commonly found in eye creams as it helps to de-puff under the eyes. Not only will it energize your skin but coffee’s high levels of antioxidants make it an anti-aging powerhouse while the scrub itself works to buff away impurities to reveal smooth, radiant skin.

If your curiosity about coffee-scrub benefits has been piqued, try carving out a spot for L’Oréal Paris Pure-Sugar Coffee Scrub for Rough Skin in your skincare routine. Whether you’re looking to exfoliate, banish blemishes or give your lips a good scrub before applying lipstick, a coffee scrub is a multi-use product that can do it all.

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