How to Use Lip Scrub to Perfect Your Lips

Lip scrub is a must if you want to wear bold lipstick—or make sure your lips are at their best.

Any lipstick lover knows that the best way to perfect your bold look is to perfect your pout. Lip care is essential if you want your makeup look and your lipstick to speak for themselves, instead of announcing that you have dry, chapped or dehydrated lips. The key to smooth, hydrated lips is so much more than lip balm—you need the best lip scrubs too. Here’s how to make sure your lips are in tiptop shape so that whatever your beauty look—bold bombshell or au naturel babe—your lips won’t hold you back, and it’s all thanks to lip scrub.

How to use lip scrub

Exfoliating your face is a must, and the same goes for your lips—but even more so. The skin on your lips is more susceptible to dryness and flaking because it’s so much thinner and it doesn’t hold moisture the same way. Cracked lips, which can quickly lead to painful irritation, are something you don’t want to put anything on, let alone a bold red lipstick. Enter the lip scrub. The best lip scrub is a sugar scrub, like L’Oréal Paris Pure-Sugar Cocoa Scrub for Dry Skin. It helps to reveal smoother skin without irritating thanks to a trio of sugars (brown, blonde and white) and cocoa, all of which exfoliate. Pair that with coconut oil and cocoa butter (which are both incredibly hydrating) and you have the foundation for smooth, hydrated and nourished lips. Not only does it work wonders on your pucker but you can also use it on your complexion to gently buff away dead skin cells to reveal glowing skin underneath.

Add even more moisture post-lip scrub

After a lip scrub, it’s important to add even more moisture—believe us, your lips could use it. Whether you prefer balm, oil or cream, make sure to add extra hydration and let it absorb well before doing anything else.

  • Use a cream if healing cracked or flaking lips is your main goal. Cream helps to deliver healing ingredients while creating a bit of a barrier and offering up hydration.
  • Use an oil if hydration and lipids are your main concern. Oils, especially thin ones, will penetrate deeply and help to keep your lips soft and plump.
  • Use a balm if you’re lips are in decent shape but you need a little something to restore moisture. These are especially good if you’re on the go.

Lip scrubs = better lipstick

While precise lipstick application is a must if you want to nail the bold-lip beauty look, you might be surprised to hear that lip scrub is just as important. It comes down to a question of longevity.

When you prep your lips with lip scrubs, you remove buildup and anything that’s dry or flakey. When you treat your lips, you ensure that they are moisturized and smooth. When you apply your lipstick after doing these things, you get a smooth and precise application, but, even more than that, your lipstick is much more likely to last all day if you do your prep with a lip scrub. Why? Because if your lipstick is clinging to flakey skin or peeling layers, it’s more likely to flake off too. Plus, if you’ve ever applied lipstick to dry lips, you know that not only do they not look good (they’re definitely not smooth) but they don’t feel good either. Next is hydration. While lipsticks have come a long way when it comes to their drying properties (some aren’t drying at all anymore), if you have dry lips when you apply them, then no moisture can get to your lips and, in fact, over the course of the day, your lips will often become more dry. Bottom line? Well-prepped lips are beautiful lips—especially if you’re a lipstick lover—so be sure to pick up one of the best lip scrubs.

Don’t forget a lip scrub bedtime routine

Just as it’s important to prep your lips prior to putting on lipstick, it’s important to do so before bed as well. If you use a lip scrub a couple of times a week before bed and then apply a heavy layer of a lip oil, mask or balm before you hit your pillow (preferably face up), you’re making sure that your lips are reaping the rewards of a nighttime skincare routine. Did you know that your skin replenishes itself most in the evening? By taking care of your lips tonight, you’re setting yourself up for the best possible lipstick day tomorrow.

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