Halloween Deer Makeup Tutorial: The Enchanted Fawn

Get ready to nail the cutest deer look because we have an easy and elevated makeup tutorial that you’ll fawn over! The animal themed Halloween makeup trend is here to stay, and this Bambi-inspired look is the perfect costume to rock it! Remember when a selfie wasn’t a selfie unless you were using the Snapchat deer filter? We’ve broken down this doe-eyed tutorial into simple steps so you can steal the show and bring the filter into reality. We deer you to find a cuter Halloween makeup look!

Steps for Makeup

Step 1: Mastering the Doe-Eyes

It goes without saying, the highlight of fawn makeup should be on the eyes! All you will need is the Infallible Pro-Last Eyeliner to line your upper lashes followed by the Bambi Eye Mascara for a doe-eyed deer appeal. Bambi Eye Mascara’s unique brush is shaped with long and short bristles to hug the eyes and offer lash to lash separation for a clump-free wide-eyed look.

Step 2: Charm with an Adorable Deer Nose

Don’t put away the liner just yet! Use the same Infallible Pro-Last Eyeliner to draw on a dainty nose and mouth. Start by drawing a dot on the center of the nose and trace around the top of the nostrils, forming the upper half of a heart shape. Next, colour in just the top lip. Infallible Pro-Last offers a 24HR smudge-resistant hold so you won’t have to worry about any transfer.

Step 3: Drawing Dainty Deer Spots

A deer look isn’t complete without it’s spots. To prep for the spots, dust True Match Lumi Bronzer across the cheeks and on the temples for a warm contour. Grab the Infallible Full Wear Concealer and dab spots on top of the bronzer, across the cheekbones and temples. Be sure to choose a concealer a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone.

Steps for Hair

Step 1: Enchant Your Hair with Silver Strands 

To complete the forest fawn look, use Colorista 1-Day Spray in shade Silver. This spray-on colour will be sure to enchant your hair with a silver glimmer, without the commitment of a permanent dye and easily washed out with just one shampoo. Whether you have golden locks or rich dark hair, the Colorista spray will deliver bold colour regardless of your base colour – no bleaching necessary!

Step 2: Prep & Section

Start with clean, dry hair and brush through to remove any knots which will ensure an even and smooth application. Then, separate your hair into the strands you want to colour. If you want to go for a wispy dimensional silver-kissed effect, separate the hair into many small strands rather than chunky pieces, similar to a balayage process. For an eye-catching pearly silver effect, skip the separation and colour all of the hair.

Step 3: Ready, set, spray!

Shake the can well and spray onto your hair. Be sure to wait a few minutes so the hair can dry before styling.

Step 4: Easy Fun & Floral Fawn Updo

Don’t have deer antlers or a flower crown handy? No problem, we have a solution! Separate your hair down the middle and tie it up into two loose space buns. To top it off, add a few flowers into the buns (faux or real) for a DIY flower crown.

Editor’s Tip

Give your look a boost of ethereal beauty by using Infallbile 24HR Eyeshadow in shade Silver Sky in the corner of your eyes and on the cheekbones for a stunning silver shimmer. Don’t forget to lock in your look with Infallible Setting Spray ensuring your makeup stays in place from dusk to fawn. Now you’re ready to enchant the forest!

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