Get the Look: Shy, So What?

A smoky eye doesn’t have to be hard, heavy and over the top. Try this softer side of the smoky eye.

One of the most impactful—and iconic—eyeshadow looks is undoubtedly the smoky eye. Yet that label strikes fear, or at least reservation, into the hearts of many women. Probably because there are plenty of interpretations of the term: From grungy to over the top, the smoky eye is a bit of a catchall term.

Good news! The smoky eye you knew (and probably wore) in your college years is cancelled. Our favourite take on the trend is a less dramatic—yet just as impactful—smoky eye that borrows its shape from the cat-eye while at its core harnesses the intensity of the sooty, smoky eye. As demonstrated in this sultry version created by Jodi Urichuk, L’Oréal Paris Canadian Makeup Artist & Expert, the secret is in its softness.

Once you get the shape nailed down, you can customize this smoky eye using different colours. Urichuk’s version is glamorous, perfect for a red-carpet event. However, if you change the eyeshadow shades to something more natural (think warm browns and beiges), it can be striking and wearable for the office. Think of this as a less heavy and more nuanced version—if you’re feeling shy, so what? This look will bestow you with quiet confidence. We promise!

Sure, the smoky eye is as timeless as the LBD, but this version, painted by Jodi Urichuk, L'Oréal Paris Canadian Makeup Artist & Expert, is a little more mysterious—while still being pretty major. Follow Urichuk’s steps, but have a little fun with it, too—and don’t be shy to make the look your own!

  1. Begin with clean, hydrated skin. Use your favourite foundation and concealer to get a prepped canvas for this sultry, smoky look.
  1. Urichuk started with the second shadow from the bottom in the L’Oréal Paris L’Oréal Paris La Petite Palette in Maximalist. Blend this ultra-soft and creamy dark-brown shadow into the lid up to the crease. Next, apply the first shadow from the palette (light copper) to the inner corner and onto the brow bone and blend Then blend again.
  1. Now use L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof Eyeliner in Brown on the upper and lower lash lines. To intensify it, go over the brown with L’Oréal Paris L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof Eyeliner in Bronze. This pencil eyeliner feels creamy, making it glide on easily, but once it dries down, its smudge-resistant colour can last up to 24 hours!
  1. Next, take your darkest colour—Urichuk used L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24HR Mono Eyeshadow in Eternal Black —and apply it in the outer crease and extend it outward, angling it slightly
  1. Using L’Oréal Paris L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara in Blackest Black, place the wand against the base of your lashes and wiggle it back and forth a little and then up. Repeat this a few times to give lashes a good coating and a major lift.
  1. Apply L’Oréal Paris L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature in I Amaze, working your way from the centre of your lips outward. Because this formula is a liquid lipstick, don’t move your mouth for 30 seconds after application. If you need to blend, softly pat your lips with a It feels ultra-comfortable and provides lasting matte colour.
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