Beauty Blogger Skin Care Secrets for a Flawless Complexion

Who better to answer all your burning skin care questions than a selfie queen like blogger Mariam Rahman? Here are some of her secrets for perfect skin.

Take one look at your Instagram feed and you’ll likely be confronted with a million photos of people with perfect makeup and perfect skin. But unless they’re all blessed with perfect genes, that flawless skin doesn’t just happen on its own. Even before makeup enters the equation, there are lots of skin-care products that help people on Instagram and YouTube look their very best. And if you’re looking for the best skin-care regimen to help you snap the perfect selfie, why not go right to the source? Blogger and YouTuber Mariam Rahman (@rahmanbeauty) breaks down her beauty routine, including why she almost always goes makeup-free, how she gets rid of redness, and all her favourite products, so you can look and feel your best in real life and online.

Q: How do you maintain flawless skin?

A: “I make sure to keep my skin-care routine consistent! If I miss a day, it throws the whole thing out of whack and I can break out. I also make sure to keep myself hydrated as best I can so that my skin is supple for makeup application. I make sure to wear SPF every day to protect my skin from sun damage.”

Q: What is your daily skin-care regimen and beauty routine?

A: “In the morning, I start with a gentle cleanser, like L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Makeup Removing Cream Cleanser . It makes my skin feel clean, but it isn’t drying. And then I apply sunscreen. I usually do a natural, everyday makeup look that consists of concealer, setting powder, brows and mascara. At night, I remove my makeup with a makeup-dissolving face wash. One of the most important steps for me is to use a toner at night. This will close up pores and allows me to put an ample amount of moisturizer or oil on my face. Lastly, I put eye cream under my eyes and in my eyelid creases to stay lifted!”

Q: What skin treatments do you use in your skin-care routine to help with any imperfections?

“Every two weeks or so, I apply a cleansing or exfoliating mask to keep my skin glowing and fresh. The L’Oréal Paris Clarify & Smooth Pure-Clay Mask extracts impurities from the skin and pores and always revives my skin if it’s looking dull. This mask in particular has beads that exfoliate while you’re washing it off.”

Q: How do you combat redness and enhance your natural glow with skin care and makeup?

A: “I always make sure I’m well hydrated because a good base truly starts from within. I also wear lots of lotion on my face. If I want to boost my glow with makeup, I sometimes tap on a bit of liquid or cream highlighter that is a close match to my natural skin tone. I also might go in with a tiny bit of green colour corrector to cancel out redness.”

Q: How do you minimize the look of pores and keep your skin’s texture looking even?

A: “I use toner every night to minimize pores. If my pores are particularly visible on a given day, I will use a bit of toner before I apply makeup. Another tip is that if I feel like my skin texture is uneven or rough, I exfoliate my face at night before I tone to get rid of any dead skin cells. My skin can be particularly dry so I don’t usually need to exfoliate more than once a week. Luckily, the L’Oréal Paris Pure-Sugar Coffee Scrub for Rough Skin, which contains finely ground Kona coffee, sweet almond oil and coconut oil, is made to gently polish away dry flakes and reveal a smooth, glowing skin. If my skin looks dull or is in need of some exfoliation, I can still use the scrub twice a week.”

Q: Do you ever go makeup-free?

A: “I’m actually almost always makeup-free. If you see me in public, chances are I won’t be wearing makeup. For me, beauty is about having the confidence to rock what you’re most comfortable in. In my case, I’m most comfortable with a bare face. And I love to spread the message to the world, especially young girls, that we must love ourselves just as we are because we are beautiful.”

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