How To Get Beach Hair Without Actually Hitting The Beach

Beachy waves have become the most requested hairstyle of the past decade, and there’s a reason why they aren’t going anywhere—you can now add them to your list of classic beauty looks, just like an always-on-point red lip or a precise cat-eye. If you’ve ever typed “how to get beach waves” into a search engine, look no further. This step-by-step guide will ensure that your locks look perfectly tousled, on or off the beach.

Step 1. Grab your trusty Turkish towel and scrunch out as much moisture as possible. Once you’re done, start scrunching your hair with your hands to help boost your natural wave potential.

Step 2. Use a volume-boosting styling mousse; it works really well on all hair types but especially on fine hair. Add a dollop no bigger than the palm of your hand and work it through with both hands, scrunching as you go.

Step 3. Spritz a sea-salt spray, like L’Oréal Paris Stylista #Beachwaves Texturizing Mist, on your hands and continue to coax out your curls using a scrunching motion, from front to back and then back to front.

Step 4. Use your blow-dryer to blast medium air throughout your locks to get all the wetness out. Flip your head upside down for added volume at the roots and give ends a little brush-through with a natural-bristle brush.

Step 5. Here’s how to use dry shampoo to your advantage when you’re looking to get beachy waves. Add spritzes of dry shampoo throughout hair, concentrating on the roots, to help keep volume in place. L’Oréal Paris Magic Invisible Dry Shampoo refreshes hair without leaving a white residue behind and smells divine thanks to hits of vanilla and bergamot.

Step 6. Use a one-inch curling iron to create some definition. When you’re curling the hair that frames your face, make sure to curl away from your face. Throughout the rest of your hair, curl in all directions as you work around your head—this will give you the look of a perfectly imperfect head of hair.

Step 7. Brush through your hair with your fingers to create undone waves. You can also use a flat iron to straighten and texturize the bottom two inches of your hair.

Step 8. Spritz some texturizing spray in your hands and then scrunch through to set.

Step 9. If needed, use a tiny pump of L’Oréal Paris Stylista #Sleek Smoothing Serum to help control flyaways at the crown of the head and you’re good to go!

Bonus tip: To refresh hair on day two, start by brushing your hair with a natural-bristle brush. Next, spritz some texturizing beach-waves spray in your hands and then scrunch it through your ends.

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