Five reasons why you should add coconut oil

There’s no wrong way to incorporate coconut oil into your hair care routine, but here are a few key tips and tricks for how to make the most out of this all-natural miracle ingredient.

Coconut oil is one of the biggest beauty buzz terms to take over the industry. All of a sudden, the hydrating ingredient is showing up in skin care, body care and even makeup. But one of the most likely places you’ll find coconut oil is in hair care products. While the of-the-moment additive has many uses, coconut oil for hair has become an industry norm as the beauty biz has caught on to the wonders of this natural miracle worker and added it to the ingredient lists for everything from hair styling products to shampoos and conditioners. The unique, versatile ways in which coconut oil is being used prove that it really can do almost anything, from nourishing your scalp to helping to tame frizz on the fly. Here are five reasons why you might want to consider adding coconut oil hair mask to your hair care routine.

1. Use the coconut oil as a hair conditioner

One of the most popular ways to incorporate coconut oil into your hair care routine is to use it as a hair conditioner on parched locks. While there’s no harm in slathering your strands with a tub of coconut oil, there are plenty of targeted coconut oil hair treatments on the market that will get the job done. L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil 1001 Uses Mask not only coconut oil but other moisturizing ingredients to give your hair some much-needed TLC. To boost your mane’s hydration, just swap out your go-to conditioner in the shower for this hydrating hair mask the next time you wash, rinse and repeat.

2. Use the coconut oil to deep condition

Take your hair conditioning a step further by letting your hair steep in your coconut oil hair mask outside the shower. While applying the hair mask in the shower is quick and easy, for hair that needs a serious deep conditioning treatment, clocking some extra time with the mask will provide more hydration and shine. Use it on dry hair as an overnight hair treatment, so you can wake up with seriously hydrated strands, or pop it onto wet hair after you step out of the shower and leave it on for 30 minutes to let its nourishing properties absorb deeply into your mane. Either way, your locks will thank you.

3. Use the coconut oil to tame frizzy hair

The benefits of coconut oil uses for hair don’t end in the shower. While it is a top-notch hair conditioner, you can also use coconut oil on the go to tame sudden, unwanted frizz. If your strands are dry, they are more likely to get frizzy, but instead of using a sticky anti-frizz spray, reach for your trusty oil. Warm a small amount in the palms of your hands and gently smooth it over any areas that need a little taming, whether at your roots or your ends (if they look a little drab and dry). Pro tip: Coconut oil can feel a bit heavier than other hair products, so a little goes a long way. Start by applying just a small amount to the areas that need it; then add more if necessary.

4. Use the coconut oil as a detangler and a leave-in conditioner

If your locks are prone to stubborn knots post-shower, instead of reaching for a hair styling product, try dabbing on some coconut oil instead. Massage a small dollop of it onto the tangled areas and watch your knots melt away. It’s an all-natural solution for fine, easily tangled hair. Pro tip for curly hair: If you’re using the L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary 1001 Uses Mask in the shower, don’t rinse it all out. Instead, leave a small amount on your strands; it will act as a leave-in conditioner and frizz tamer on curly manes. And since coconut oil is good for your hair, there’s no harm in using it as a leave-in treatment. Lastly, if you have any excess mask left on your hands, apply the coconut oil on dry skin for an added moisture boost.

5. Use the coconut oil as a scalp treatment

While it’s well known that coconut oil is a miracle worker on hair, its healing properties don’t end there: you can also use coconut oil for a dry scalp. The super-hydrating rich ingredient also has anti-inflammatory properties, so it works wonders on this area. Simply massage it all over your scalp or onto any inflamed area and leave it on for up to 30 minutes before rinsing it out. You’ll be left with a happy, hydrated scalp and smooth, frizz-free hair.

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