Revolutionize your beauty regime with L'Oréal Paris lip colours. A wide range of highly pigmented shades to suit every complexion - view the range here.

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How to Get a Glamorous Look
How to Get a Glamorous Look
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Get a Glamorous Look

Follow Caitlyn Dixon, Expert Makeup Artist for L'Oréal Paris, to easily recreate this look with her favourite drugstore products.

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How to Create Bold Brows How to Create Bold Brows

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Create Bold Brows

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Lipstick: Matte Lipstick, Liquid Lipstick & More

Embellish your lips with vibrant and artistic colours with high-pigment, long lasting lipstick by L’Oréal Paris. Your lip colour is responsible for delivering the underlying attitude of every look. A choice of matte red lipstick asserts adamant passion and courage. Black lipstick reveals fearless defiance. Nude lipstick conveys sensual positivity.

Back up your lip colour with the finish. Matte lipsticks give a vibe of mystery and intense sensuality. Contrast a dewy foundation finish with matte lipstick to draw attention directly to your lips. Wear a curling mascara and swipe on a glossy finish liquid lipstick to effortlessly exude a playful and carefree bliss.



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