Your May Horoscope As Told By L’Oréal Paris


This month is all about connecting with friends and taking action. With this renewed burst of energy, it’s time to wear your best red lip and show your friends just how daring you are! Jump on a video call with friends while wearing L’Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Lipstick and you will be sure to impress them. 


This is your month Taurus and it is time to get creative! Draw inspiration from the environment around you, especially with the beautiful spring flowers. Consider trying Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Colour in Soft Pink to take your hair colour to the next level. Additionally, embrace your inner growth for this month – you’re one year older and another year wiser.


It’s all about self-care for you this month as you head into a month of relaxation and major realizations. The best way to rejuvenate is by brightening your skin with the Revitalift Triple Power Lazer Vitamin C Serum for a youthful radiance. With this serum and lots of fun in the sun, you will be glowing with confidence Gemini, and your beauty will truly shine!


Romance is a prevalent theme for you this month Cancer, so why not indulge in what makes you feel your best self? Create your own spa at-home and get ready for a romantic night by refreshing your nails with a classic colour. We recommend using the Color Riche Oil-Infused Nail Polish in the shade Rue Cremieux.


A new and improved schedule is set in store for you this month Leo, and this is your opportunity to invite new steps to your beauty routine. We recommend incorporating the Extraordinary Oil Penetrating Oil hair treatment for luscious and soft locks. Shine brightly and be your best-self Leo, you are brighter than the stars!


While everyone is staying home waiting for their next salon appointment, you see the silver lining through it all. You are ready to explore new colours and what better way to do so, then to try Feria Smokey Silver for a bold look! Your new look is sure to make you feel bolder and more confident, which will relay into your work that is for sure to be in the spotlight this month. Get ready for the opportunities coming your way.


This month you are embracing a balanced lifestyle Libra. You have been working hard at-home and now it is time to take a relaxing bath and cleanse yourself with positive thoughts and with Extraordinary Clay Shampoo. Remember that your well-being is most important, especially during these times.


Scorpio, this month is about getting intimate…with your makeup. Re-discover your favorite cosmetic products and try a romantic look with Matte Signature Liquid Dip-In Eyeliner in burgundy. You will be sure to woo your loved ones with this makeup essential!


With everyone being together at home, this month is all about growing relationships along with you hair Sagittarius. To achieve beautiful locks and help keep your hair shining, use Color Radiance Purple Shampoo for deeply nourishing and neutralized tones.


It’s time to take control of your life and get that shine back. You will be busy with work and your day-to-day routine so when you have a spare moment, don’t hesitate to revive your colour. We suggest using Superior Preference as its salon quality hair dye brings luminous shine to your luscious locks.


This month is an opportunity to check-in with yourself as things are about to get quite interesting. Old flames might make their way back into your life and you are ready to meet them face on, that is, with dramatic eyes. Spice up your makeup look with our Voluminous Mascara in cobalt blue.


Pisces there’s a lot of action planned for the month of May, and you will definitely need a break! With so many people reaching out to you both personally and professionally, self-care will be all the more important. Consider using the Pure-Clay Cleansing Mask and your skin is bound to look healthier and feel refreshed.

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