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Winter Hair Colour Trends

Take your pick from the season’s hottest trends and find your new signature hue.

This year, the winter season has a plethora of new colours to ooh and aah over, from bold red to cool-girl holographic purple.Not only are there tons of amazing colours but if you hop onto the L’Oréal Paris website, you can virtually test-drive any of the hues mentioned below thanks to the site’s innovative Modiface technology. (Seriously, go try it! The technology is super-cool and accurate.)If you’re looking for a hair change (and, let’s be honest, who isn’t?), read on for the hottest hair colour trends for the winter season ahead and how to get ’em.


Trend: Auburn

Every year when winter rolls around, so does one of our favourite hair colour trends: auburn. This warm, flattering hue is synonymous with winter, and it’s a welcome change once the temperature drops. If you’ve always wanted to give this striking colour a spin, now is your chance: There’s a shade of auburn for every skin tone. (Trust us—there is!) L’Oréal Paris Feria Power Red High Intensity Shimmering Colour in R57 Intense Medium Auburn is a super-flattering hue in a rich, permanent colour formula that provides smooth, shimmering colour, and it’s just one of the many red options available.


Trend: Inky Black

There’s something so pretty about a glistening jet-black mane, and this winter the colour is making a major comeback. If you’re typically a brunette, why not take the plunge and go ultra-dark? The hue is trendy, chic and easy to achieve. Going super-dark will help to add shine and is a trendy twist on the more traditional tones of brown. Why not wow everyone over the holiday season with your new on-trend mane? If you’re looking to dive into black, try L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference in 2 Natural Black. The salon-quality, fade-defying colour contains a unique liquid-gel formula that delivers rich, saturated tones for up to eight weeks.


Trend: Holographic Purple

Every winter, a fun and funky hair colour emerges as the it colour for the season that’s a spinoff from the light pastels and rainbow tones that are popular in the summer. This year, we’re seeing holographic purple as that must-have colour. The soft shade adds some depth to the light lilac tones we saw in the spring, and there’s good news: this hue flatters all skin tones and has e metallic shine  to it. L’Oréal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Colour in Holographic 521 Medium Cool Iridescent Brown provides jewel-like permanent colour in a gel formula that will boost shine in a multi-faceted finish. You can use it all over for a stunning colour or try a dip-dye look by tinting just the ends of your mane.


Trend: Ashy Blond

Now there’s a trend for the blonds out there! While we love a warm honey blond, icier tones are catching our eye this season. Hopping on the platinum bandwagon and making a case for baby-blond tones are a handful of newly bleached celebs who are finding out if blonds really do have more fun. Want to find out for yourself? L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference in 19 Light Ash Blonde is one of the many blond options to choose from if you’re looking to lighten up. The hydrating formula provides permanent, fade-defying colour that will keep your flaxen mane looking fresh and cool-toned. If doing an all-over colour is too ambitious for you, try framing your face with a few ashy-blond highlights—they will add a brightening boost to your look.


Trend: Chocolate Brown

Nothing—we repeat nothing—says “Hello, winter” like rich chocolate-brown hair. This colour has warm undertones and is seriously flattering for both warm- and cool-toned complexions. This hue works as all-over colour or incorporated into an ombré look. If you’re already blessed with a gorgeous brown mane, adding that rich, warm tone to your tresses is surprisingly simple. L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème in G Dark Brown is a permanent formula that delivers long-lasting colour, covers greys and is packed with hair-loving ingredients like ceramide, pro-keratine and collagen. The rich colour provides a ton of shine to lacklustre strands, leaving your hair glossy, rich and fabulous for the holiday season.

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