This is the temporary hair colour of your dreams.

Or your ice queen hair dreams [temporarily] realized
The no-commitment way to colour your hair a cool silvery-blue shade.

Perhaps, in your wildest dreams, you’ve contemplated colouring your hair grey. Or blue. Or some other out-of-the-box hue. Odds are, you’ve shied away from it, fearing chemical damage, costly salon appointments and an awkward growing-out process. (Not to mention, you know, what people at work might say.)

So how do you reconcile your desire to play around with pigment with the more practical side of your personality? Just go the non-committal route. Colorista Hair Makeup is a temporary gel-like hair dye that coats your hair with a pop of colour and then washes out with water. Streak multiple shades through your mane for a My Little Pony effect, or keep it (relatively) simple and just dip your tips to create an otherworldly vibe worthy of a futuristic ice queen. The bottom line is, you can give your hair the painterly treatment for a one-night-only test drive and create a completely transformative look that’s gone by morning.

Watch the video and follow the steps below to learn how to do it yourself.


Start by taking a small section of clean, dry hair and then, using your hands, apply a drop of colour to the tips and blend upwards.


Comb hair while it’s still wet to help distribute colour more evenly.


Blow-dry on low to medium heat or air-dry naturally. As the hair makeup dries, make sure to split the sections and comb through; this will ensure that it dries all the way through.


Repeat on a few more sections until you’ve finished applying wherever you want to see colour.


Style your newly-made-over mane using a flat iron or curling iron—the spiral curls and the colour give the look a major Mother of Dragons vibe—and finish with Elnett Satin Hairspray to lock in the colour.

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