Hair Color

What type of hair colour is right for you?

Beauty aisles are overflowing with hair dye products, so don’t hit the drugstore without this guide that will help you pick your most flattering hair colour yet.

From honey blonde to rich brown to fiery red hair, the hair colour spectrum is full of choices. And with the latest innovations in at-home hair dye, there are more choices than ever before. (Pastel pink, anyone?) But before you run off to the drugstore to pick up your new hue, there are lots of factors to consider before deciding on what colour to dye your hair next. Skin tone, eye colour and the time you have to dedicate to your mane are just a few things to think about before picking up your favourite hair dye. If you’re wondering what is going to be the most flattering hair colour to select, this guide has all the info you need to know before making your hair dye ideas a reality. L’Oréal Paris Canada Hair Artist and Expert Brennen Demelo provides a few major tips and tricks for finding the right hair colour so you’ll know which box to reach for when you hit the drugstore.

Determine your skin tone

“A good way to choose your hair colour is by finding a shade that complements your skin tone,” says Demelo. First, you have to determine whether you have a warm or cool undertone to your complexion. Wash your face so you get the most accurate representation of your skin and take a look at yourself in natural lighting (which will give you the most accurate reading). If your skin tends to have more pink or bluish tones to it, you’re considered cool; if your skin is more golden or peachy, you’re warm.

Let your skin tone guide your hair colour choice

Once you determine whether your skin tone is cool or warm, the next step is using that knowledge to help with your hair colour ideas. “If you have a [pink base to your skin], [the best] hair colours for cool skin tones are light ash blonde to medium ash brown,” says Demelo. While those tones work best for cool skin, Demelo recommends avoiding warm highlights or all-over golden blonde shades; these are the best hair colours for a warm skin tone. “When your undertones are warm, tawny or peach, try light golden blonde, medium brown hair with golden highlights or dark brown to black hair with warm red shades,” advises Demelo. He also adds that ash tones are the most flattering hair colour for dark skin tones.

Pick your hair dye

L’Oréal Paris offers a wide range of hair colour options to flatter all skin tones and has created multiple formulas—whether you want to try highlights, semi-permanent hair colour or permanent hair dye. If you’re looking for a rich bold hue like fiery red or deep purple to flatter your skin tone, L’Oréal Paris Féria High Intensity Shimmering Permanent Hair Colour is your best bet. If you’re after ash browns, icy blondes or golden highlights, reach for L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference for glam and glossy colour. Is it trendy pastel hair you’re dreaming of? L’Oréal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Colour and Semi-Permanent Spray offer every fashion shade from pastel pink to indigo.

Additional hair colour tips + tricks

While skin tone is a big part of making a flattering hair colour choice, it’s not the only thing to consider. Your hair should be in the best possible condition before you dye it to ensure that the colour takes evenly and causes the least amount of damage. While light ash blonde might look great on you, if your hair is already damaged and dry, opting for ombré

 or balayage highlights in that shade might be a better option until your hair is ready for further colouring. “Always be mindful of your hair texture when [dying your hair] lighter because over-colouring can sometimes interrupt the natural texture of hair,” says Demelo. “Respecting the integrity of your hair will, in turn, benefit your texture when you’re deciding on a hair colour.” Another aspect to keep in mind when deciding what hair colour suits you best is your eye colour. “Typically, blonde hair with light blue eyes and dark brown hair with dark blue eyes is an amazing contrast,” says Demelo. The best hair colour for green eyes tends to be copper, and dark eyes and dark hair is a winning combination.

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