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How to Get the Hottest Hair Colour Trend of the Season: Silver Hair

The silver hair trend has swept the runways and street style and has even been spotted on celebs on the red carpet. Follow these hair colouring tips to learn everything you need to know to rock silver strands.

Silver hair used to be something women wanted to hide, but over the past few years, it has become a huge hair colour trend in the beauty industry. Regular salon visits to cover grey hair used to be the norm, but now the scenario has completely flipped with women shelling out big bucks to go grey. Icy-cool grey hair—both natural and dyed—can be spotted on the latest runways and street-style stars, and even some celebrities have taken the trend for a spin. If you’re feeling the urge to give the grey hair trend a try but don’t know how to get grey hair, there are a couple of things to consider before taking the leap. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the trend, from the best silver hair dye to how to take care of your chic new hue.

Prep work: How to lighten hair

To achieve that silver grey hair colour, you’ll have to lighten your hair to a platinum shade before toning it grey. If you have naturally dark hair, lightening hair enough to get a silver tone will most likely take more than one sitting. L’Oréal Paris Colorista Bleach is an all-over ammonia-free bleach that helps to prep your canvas for toning. Once you’ve achieved your desired shade, you’re ready to tone it silver. This is a popular approach to achieving a platinum silver hair hue, but now dark hair colours can get in on the grey hair trend as well. L’Oréal Paris Colorista Spray One Day Colour allows dark blondes, brunettes and redheads to go grey without having to reach for the bleach. Spritz on this temporary hair colour from roots to tips, or go for a grey ombre hairstyle by applying it only to the ends. There’s zero commitment as it washes out in the shower.

Switch it up: How to take care of coloured hair

You have read up on how to dye your hair grey and taken all the steps to get the icy hair colour of your dreams, but the work doesn’t end there. Now that you have your grey hair colour, there are a few tips to keeping your colour ashy. (Once the toner starts fading, it may begin to turn brassy.) Swap out your regular shampoo for a colour-protecting formula like L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Color Radiance Shampoo for Coloured Hair or a purple shampoo to keep brassiness at bay and your L’Oréal Paris hair colour intact. These formulas even work wonders on naturally grey hair for high-gloss locks. Purple shampoo helps to neutralize warm tones in the hair to make your cool-toned strands really shine. If you’ve lightened your hair, invest in an ultra-hydrating hair mask to use once a week. This will help nourish your dehydrated and damaged hair and seal in your silver hair dye.

Less is more: A new hair care routine

When you’re brainstorming hair colour ideas, it’s not just the actual colour you need to take into account before landing on your new hue. Another factor is post-dye maintenance and how you will have to change up your hair care routine. When you color hair grey (or attempt any fashion colour), in order to keep your dye job intact you will have to make some changes to your day-to-day hair care routine—like how often you wash your hair. Shampooing strips colour from your hair, so to make your new tone go the distance, try to space out your hair-washing sessions as much as possible. Reach for a dry shampoo in between sudsing up to help absorb excess oil so you don’t have to blow-dry as often.

Go au naturel

Just as you want to avoid too much shampooing when you’ve dipped into the silver grey hair dye, it’s also essential to keep heat styling to a minimum to avoid further damaging your locks. When you step out of the shower, try an air-dry hair styling product instead of reaching for your blow-dryer. Spritzing on a texturizing spray and letting your hair dry on its own sans blow dryer or hot tools minimizes damage to already stressed strands. If air-drying just doesn’t do it for you, use a heat-protectant spray or cream to shield your hair from 360-plus degree heat—this is essential for the health of your hair.

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