How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated Once the Weather Gets Colder

It’s a sad reality that cooler weather means drier skin, but prevention is the best medicine when it comes to fighting dry skin. Here's how to get ahead of the dropping temperatures to keep your skin happy and hydrated.

Fall is beloved for so many reasons—blanket scarves, chunky knits, pumpkin-spice lattes. ’Tis the season to get cozy! But with changing seasons comes a shift in temperature, which can do a number on your beautiful summer complexion. If you find yourself with dry or itchy skin when the weather cools, you’re not alone. Dry skin is fairly common during the cooler months, and this type of dryness can leave your skin looking dull and feeling uncomfortable. There’s a way to beat old man winter to the punch, and it’s all about your skincare routine. Here’s everything you need to know about hydrating and moisturizing skin—including what serum and moisturizer to switch to—so you have a happy, healthy complexion all year long.

How cooler weather makes skin drier

Skin may be your barrier from the world, but it can also be on the delicate side, especially when it comes to aggressive weather situations. During cooler months, the air itself is typically drier, and this lack of humidity in the air leads to a lack of humidity in the skin. On the flip side, everything we do to warm up during the winter, like central heating, the blast of hot air in your car and taking long, hot showers, is also drying for the skin. If it seems like a hopeless situation, remember that the key to hydrated winter skin is to build up reserves of hydration, if you will, before it gets cold.

An easy way to do that is to switch over to skincare products that have hydration as their raison d’être and you’ll never have itchy skin again.

  1. Swap out your gel cleanser for a cleansing milk

A proper skincare routine begins with cleansing, and your cleanser is an important building block. Think about it: Your hardworking serum won’t be able to do its job if there’s makeup and sebum in its way. However, harsh cleansers can also contribute to dry, itchy skin, so it’s important to make sure you wash your face with something gentle. L’Oréal Paris Fine Flowers Cleansing Milk was made with the goal of soothing while cleansing. Yes, it will get rid of all the makeup and impurities lingering on your complexion, but it will also soothe skin and leave it with a comfortable, not stripped, feeling. With continued use, it will leave your skin feeling softer, smoother and energized.

  1. Reach for an eye cream

Aside from being uncomfortable, dry skin around the eyes can get you down. The skin in this area is also even more delicate than the rest of the face, so it definitely deserves some extra TLC leading up to winter. L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Cicacream Eye Cream is lightweight and protective, so it’ll provide a welcome dose of hydration to the skin while protecting it from winter aggressors. With continued use, it will also improve the appearance of wrinkles and undereye bags.

  1. Try a hyaluronic acid-based serum

Your choice of serum is the answer to the needs of your skincare routine in that moment, and it’s important to step back and consider exactly what those are. With hydration as your goal, look no further than L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Triple Power LZR Hyaluronic Acid Serum. This powerhouse of a serum contains hydration golden child hyaluronic acid for deeply replenishing hydration. It hydrates skin from the beneath the surface, which means that you’re getting to the source of your dry skin. Not only will you banish telltale signs of dry skin like itchiness, redness, flaking and dullness but you’ll also find that your skin looks plumper and suppler. Your skin will feel firmer and more elastic while looking refreshed, well rested and glowing. Plus, this serum is super-lightweight in texture, which means it won’t feel heavy or tacky. Moisturizing your skin should feel good, and this serum will give you all of the benefits of a light-from-within finish without any greasy compromises.

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