How To Get Thicker, Healthier Long Hair

Thanks to celebrities on the red carpet, super-sleek long hair is a huge trend right now. But it’s not an easy one to achieve, since, unlike going shorter or changing up your colour, it can take months or even years to get those long hairstyles you’re after. But you can speed up the process and get long, thick hair if you follow these seven tips and tricks.

  1. Get regular trims.

One of the best ways to achieve hair growth faster seems a little counterproductive: Getting your hair trimmed every six weeks can actually help it grow faster. Cutting off damage and split ends will protect the healthy part of your hair shaft and help it grow faster.

  1. Never skip conditioner.

Conditioner, especially one with lots of nourishing ingredients like keratin and castor oil, can help your long hair grow even longer and stronger. L’Oréal Paris Dream Lengths Shampoo and L’Oréal Paris Dream Lengths Conditioner are a great option; make sure you apply conditioner from the roots to the ends each and every time you wash your hair.

  1. Rinse with cold water.

Super-hot water can damage your scalp, so, since healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, it’s best to use cold water. Cold water helps keep the outer layer of your hair smooth by letting it lie down. That means your strands will stay more hydrated and be less susceptible to damage from hot tools and friction. Another way to keep your scalp healthy, and grow hair faster, is by massaging it daily. This will help stimulate blood flow and improve the health of your hair follicles. 

Don’t use a bath towel.

Universal fact: You get out of the shower and you grab a towel, either to dry yourself off with or wrap your hair in. But, to keep your long, thick hair healthy, consider skipping the latter. Wrapping your hair in a towel can cause a lot of stress on your scalp, and if you’re wrapping it tight, you’ll definitely cause breakage. Use something like a microfibre towel or even a T-shirt, and pat your hair dry instead of rubbing it.

Brush your hair gently.

When your hair is wet, it’s more susceptible to breakage. So, to keep it long and healthy, brush it starting at the ends and work your way up, gently getting the knots out as you go. Choose the right brush, too. One with natural bristles will cause less breakage, as will one without a handle. The very best option, if you’re willing to forgo a brush, is a wide-tooth comb.

Treat it before heat styling.

Cranking your hot tools up to 450 degrees or higher is very damaging and can cause things like breakage and split ends—it can even burn your hair! Try to keep the temperature no higher than 350 degrees, and before you start in with your blow-dryer or flat iron, apply a product that will help protect your long hair. L’Oréal Paris Dream Lengths No Haircut Cream, with keratin, castor oil and hair-strengthening vitamins, not only provides a protective coating but also adds shine and makes your hair easier to style.

Leave your hair down.

Tying your hair up can cause breakage and even hair loss, especially if you’re using an elastic and lots of pins. As often as you’re able, try to wear it down; let it air-dry if you can, too. There are so many long haircut ideas to choose from, so if you feel like you’re getting bored with the same look every day, consider adding a few face-framing layers or even a fringe. If you do need to get your hair off your face, go with a low, loose ponytail rather than a high and tight one that will pull at your scalp and potentially cause more breakage along your hairline.

Get a silk pillow case.

Silk pillowcases not only stay cooler than their cotton counterparts but also minimize the friction inflicted on your hair as you move around through the night. That means less damage, and longer, stronger hair. You can also wrap your hair in a silk scarf before you go to bed or a silk hair wrap for extra protection. Either way, integrating silk into your sleep will help you keep your long, beautiful hair in top form.

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