Hair DIY: Sleek Hairstyles That Last

How to Get the Smoothest, Straightest Hair That Stays

Long, straight hairstyles are a huge trend on both the runways and red carpets. Sleek hairstyles look just as put together and glamorous as an updo but with half the fuss and zero bobby pins. Nail the look for your next event and make it last with this guide.

Volume and texture are so pretty in the summer, when you’re outside all the time and you want your hair to look natural and effortless. But when you have an event, or you just want to look super-polished and put together, there’s no better time to trot out one of those sleek hairstyles that celebs and stylists seem to love so much. This straight hair hairstyle is a combination of a perfectly straight middle part and flat iron hair to create a smooth, shiny look that can be worn as is, tucked behind your ears or pulled back into a ponytail. If you’re looking for the most impact, leaving it down is definitely the way to go, but you might be worried about its staying power. That’s where a smoothing serum comes in, one that won’t weigh your hair down but will give it an added hit of shine and hold to keep every hair in place all night long. Your look will stand out from all the updos and chignons and be particularly impactful if you’re wearing a backless dress. Follow along with the video to watch beauty pro Mariam Rahman (@rahmanbeauty) create the ultimate sleek hairstyle, and then read the steps below so you can master the look too.

Steps for prep:

Step 1: Wash hair and allow it to air-dry until it’s only slightly damp.

Step 2: Apply L’Oréal Paris Stylista #Sleek Smoothing Serum throughout the hair, focusing on the midsection and ends, to help protect it from your hot tools.

Step 3: Blow-dry your hair straight using a flat brush if it’s thick or a round brush if it’s thin to add volume.

Steps for sleek hairstyles:

Step 1: Separate the top and bottom layers of your hair and divide it, holding back the top layer with a large clip or an elastic.

Step 2: Flat iron hair starting with the bottom layer, working in one-inch sections from top to bottom. Let the top layer of your hair down and flat iron it in smaller sections as well.

How to make it last:

Step 1: Reapply L’Oréal Paris Stylista #Sleek Smoothing Serum for an extra hit of frizz control; focus on the ends but apply a small amount close to your part as well, where hair might look a little unruly.

Step 2: For even more hold, lightly spritz your hair with a little hairspray. And don’t be afraid to toss your smoothing serum into your bag so you can touch up your long straight hairstyles throughout the night.

Sleek hairstyles are glamorous because of their simplicity, and following the above steps means you won’t have to struggle to pull one off. If you skip the smooth blow-dry and rough-dry your hair instead, flat ironing will take a lot longer. And if you skip the flat iron, you won’t get the shine and smoothness that only comes from using a hot tool. And, of course, the smoothing serum is key, with its amazing ability to protect your hair and its silky finish that can last for up to 24 hours.

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