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How to Cover Grey Hair: Root Touch-Up and Hair Colour 101

Grey hair doesn’t have to be a nuisance! If you’re looking for easy fixes to cover grey roots or want to know how to cover your grey hair at home, follow this guide for tons of DIY tips and more.

Grey hair happens (and there’s nothing wrong with that!). This handy grey hair dye guide covers everything from how to take a DIY approach to hair colouring and root touch-up to application tips for temporary hair dye to how to make the most of your hair colour between dye jobs.

Get spritzing: Use a root touch-up spray

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to camouflage your root regrowth between salon visits (or if you just haven’t had the time to grab your go-to box dye), a root touch-up spray is your saving grace. L’Oréal Paris Magic Root Cover Up comes in seven shades from a light blond colour to black (and every shade in between) and is super-simple to use. It has a targeted spray nozzle that directs the tinted powder spritz so that it just covers your roots and won’t leave behind a sticky or heavy residue. It simply blends naturally into your hair and then rinses out the next time you hit the shower. This method is a go-to for women who want to make the most of their hair colour without constantly having to reach for a hair dye—not to mention it keeps your hair as healthy and happy as possible as less hair dye equals more hydrated strands. If grey hair is also showing up at the temples, complete your hair care routine with the new L’Oréal Paris Magic Root Precision

Try an at-home hair colouring kit

If you’re looking for a longer-lasting solution to covering grey hair but aren’t able to make frequent visits to the salon, there’s a more permanent at-home solution with L’Oréal Paris Root Rescue. This L’Oréal Paris at-home hair colour gives you all the benefits of a salon sesh but without the hefty price tag. Choose from eight seamlessly blendable hair colour shades and get a fresh root colour in 10 minutes. The low-ammonia formula is gentle on hair but still delivers saturated, even colour. The trick to nailing your at-home root touch-up is selecting the right shade of hair dye. Look at the colour options and pick the one that’s closest to your current dye job—not too light or too dark. Then use the small applicator brush to divide your roots into the sections you want to dye to make application a breeze once you have the dye ready to go. This will help you deposit the colour evenly throughout your hair.

Get your hair colouring tools sorted

When doing an at-home root touch-up, you want to make sure you’re prepared before getting started. Gather all the tools you’ll need to get the job done and lay them out so you can easily access each one. This will help your root touch-ups go as smoothly as possible (no dye mishaps here!). Along with your spray colour or box hair dye, make sure you select the right tools to accompany your colour session. If you have a few baby grey hairs along your hairline or at the crown of your head, grab an old toothbrush (just make sure it’s clean and dry) to use with your permanent or semi-permanent hair colour for an ultra-precise application in those tricky hard-to-dye areas. If a tinted hair spray is more your speed, use a comb to brush through areas where you might have been too heavy-handed with the applicator. Basically, the more prepared you are the better.

Switch up your part

While this isn’t a permanent solution to grey hair regrowth, this little trick will help you in a pinch. If you haven’t had time to explore all the DIY hair colouring ideas for root touch-ups but you need a quick and easy way to hide a few greys that have popped up, trying switching up your hair part. If you often part your hair down the middle (and this is where more of your greys have set up shop), try a deep side part or vice versa. This will immediately help hide your greys, even if it’s just a temporary solution.

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