Hair Color

How to find your perfect hair colour

The beauty shelves are busting with a wide range of products to turn your hair from meh to magnificent.

Are you looking for new hair colour ideas? Maybe you have to attend a wedding tomorrow but your roots are sticking out. Or perhaps your strands are due for a glossy boost before the weather changes. It can be tricky to navigate the store aisles, with a seemingly endless array of hair colouring products to brighten, darken, highlight, boost and cover grey hair. Although it can seem overwhelming, having that range at your fingertips means you are free to customize your hair colour to meet your exact style goals. Whether you need a little root touch up to last until your next shampoo or if you’re in the mood to go full-blown espresso brown, there’s a product that can help you achieve stunning hair colour at home.

Hair Colour Glossary:

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour and Gloss:

A gloss is calling your name if you’re happy with your hair colour but feel it’s lacking in dimension and shine. It’s also a perfect solution for softening and blending grey hair. A semi-permanent hair colour like L'Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss works beautifully as a grey hair dye for first grey hairs. This product will increase hair’s shine by 4 times, bridging the gap between your next full-blown permanent hair colour. The shade will wash out after 28 shampoos.

Permanent Hair Colour:

 If you’re certain about your shade and you want to lock in it, go for the full mile with a long-lasting hair colour formula that will deliver in spades with colour intensity but won’t compromise hair health. L'Oréal Paris Superior Preference is available in over 50 shades and the liquid gel formula makes application a breeze.

Permanent & Vivid Hair Colour:

 For those who aren’t satisfied by the traditional colour range and are looking for a bolder—but still permanent hair colour—,there is something perfect to fulfil your colour-loving desires. The boundary-pushing range from L'Oréal Paris Feria offers everything from power red to violet, with a dimensional, shimmering finish that is unparallelled. 

Root Touch Up:

If you’re short on time and need something to tide you over until your next colour, a root touch up is a product you shouldn’t live without. A fine, tinted mist will cover grey hair and roots, gently diffusing the colour and leaving a seamless finish. L'Oréal Paris Magic Root Cover Up is available in 7 shades and washes out like a temporary hair dye when you shampoo.

Top Hair Colour Tips

1. Be a follower:

The instructions listed on the hair colouring label are not suggestions; they are directions that you absolutely must follow if you want to avoid any surprises.

2. Stay (somewhat) in line:

As a general rule, keep hair within one or two shades of your natural colour (although, if you’re going blue or vivid red, these rules don’t apply in the same way).

3. Get patchy:

Taking a selection of hair in a hidden area (say, at the back of your head) and testing that first can give you an idea how the hair colour looks, and also if you’re allergic or reactive to the product.

4. Let it go:

Don’t hold onto extra hair dye for the next application (even if it’s temporary hair dye)—the formula is designed to last for a moment in time and will not age nicely, like a bottle of wine.

5. Know your limits:

Is your hair super thick and waist-length? You likely need to purchase two boxes of L'Oréal hair colour to ensure even coverage and proper colour payoff.

6. Cover Up:

 There’s no sense ruining your manicure or getting hair dye stuck under your nails; wear the gloves provided in your kit to keep your hands free of dye.

7. If you have grey hair:

Make sure to select the correct product to suit your needs, as not all hair colouring products are suitable for these tricky grey strands.

After your gorgeous new hair colour has been dried and styled, here are a few things you can try:

1. Trim it:

A fresh haircut will showcase your stunning new hair colour.

2. Lip service:

Experiment with a new, bright lipstick now that your hair is refreshed. It will amplify the new shade even more.

3. Tone time:

Check how your foundation and bronzer look with the new shade; you might need to adjust them slightly to flatter your skin tone.

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