Five Ways To Fight Frizz, Starting In The Shower

What causes frizzy hair? Well, it occurs in hair that is lacking moisture. Hair that’s on the drier side tends to frizz up because those strands are trying to pull moisture from the air. When the air is humid, like in the summer, there is more moisture in the air for our hair to soak up. Wavy or curly hair tends to be dry, but that doesn’t mean that fine, straight hair is always frizz-free. That can be especially true if you dye your hair lighter than your normal colour, which can cause a lack of moisture in your strands.

So how can you get rid of frizzy hair? Anti-frizz products will help, but you can prevent frizz from starting in the first place, right from the shower. Let’s break it down in five easy steps.

Step 1. Start your routine on the right foot with a hydrating shampoo that will cleanse your strands without drying them out. If you have fine hair, shampoo your locks every other day—this will help prevent unwanted buildup, which may weigh your hair down.

Step 2. Use a moisturizing conditioner. Giving your hair more nourishment before you get out of the shower will add another layer of protection against frizz and flyaways. If your hair is particularly dry, you can even use just conditioner on your ends, without shampooing. If you need to have greasy roots, concentrate conditioner on the ends each time you use it.

Step 3. Once or twice a week, use a moisturizing hair mask or moisturizing oil treatment. Try L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Daily Penetrating Oil Treatment. It has six nourishing oils in one luscious formula and won’t weigh your hair down. And if you’ve ever wondered if coconut oil is good for your hair, the answer is yes! Grab L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil 1001 Uses Coconut Oil Mask. It’s a coconut oil hair mask that is made with extra-fine coconut oil so it is super-lightweight and won’t leave your hair feeling heavy or greasy.

Step 4. Either allow hair to partially air-dry or use a diffuser to blow-dry it without causing too much damage. Remember: When drying, switch between warm air and cool air to help reduce heat damage. If you must go all-in with the heat-styling tools, make sure to use a heat protectant product, like L’Oréal Paris Stylista #Blowdry Heat Protective Primer, to help protect hair from tools that go up to 230 degrees. It contains grapeseed oil for a lightweight boost of moisture that will leave you with hair that moves.

Step 5. In between washes, use a little oil treatment on the ends to help calm frizz while adding texture to straight hair or definition to curls. And keep locks looking fresh with the help of dry shampoo, which is best placed at the roots and brushed through.

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