Summer Beauty Time Savers

Hair saviors

When it comes to your hair, it all starts in the shower. A quick way to transform your damaged hair is by using our 8 Second Wonder Water treatment. It replaces your conditioner and works in just 8 seconds to repair damage, restore shine and detangle. Once out of the shower, our Stylista Air Dry will become your summer styling go-to as it adds softness, shine and control to give you a beautiful, effortless natural hair style. Another one of our hair essentials is our Magic Shampoo invisible dry shampoo, which is perfect to refresh and add volume to second-day hair. And lastly, if you are dealing with grown out roots and would like a quick fix – our Magic Root Cover Up works in just three seconds to camouflage roots whether you are looking to cover greys or camouflage grown out dark roots for blonde hair.

Skin care secret weapons

For skin care, let’s start with cleansing and our Micellar Water Complete cleanser. This cleanser pulls double duty as it removes makeup (including longwear and waterproof) while purifying skin. It works for all skin types and leaves the skin looking hydrated. Summer months can also mean drier skin for some – if you fall into this category, give your skin an added hydration boost with our intensive 7-Day Revitalift Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules. This 1.9% Hyaluronic Acid treatment comes in 7 individual ampoules (or capsules), one of each should be cracked and applied to your face every day for one week. The results? Skin is hydrated, re-plumped and smooth. And finally, before you start your makeup routine, use our Revitalift Triple Power LZR SPF 30 day lotion. It not only protects your skin from sun damage but it also works as an anti-aging moisturizer and fights signs of aging by reducing the look of wrinkles, firming and brightening the skin.

Makeup must-haves

Our first makeup must-have if our Infallible Full Wear concealer. This concealer boasts a waterproof, non-greasy formula that won’t transfer, fade, or flake and dries down to a thin, natural finish that lasts up to 24 hours, perfect for long summer days. The extra-large doe-foot applicator and elastic texture allows for an easy application and extra playtime. The best part is that you can use it to conceal under the eyes or for the full face to cover imperfections, redness, and scars. Another makeup must-have is our True Match Lumi Glotion, this is our go-to when it comes to glow. This multi-use product not only illuminates skin for an all-over, fresh, natural glow but its formula infused with Glycerin gives all day continuous hydration. You can apply it under foundation, use as a highlighter over your makeup or even mix it in your foundation or moisturizer for a more subtle glow.

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