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L’Oreal Paris introduces HYDRA GENIUS, which features three new liquid-based moisturizers for oily, normal-to-dry and extra-dry skin. Formulated with aloe water and hyaluronic acid, these moisturizers quench the skin with moisture and lock it in for 72 hours of intense yet lightweight hydration.

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The Power of Natural Aloe Water
Hydra Genius

The Power of Natural Aloe Water

Natural Aloe water reinforces the skin barrier function and locks-in moisture to prevent water loss. It also boosts water diffusion within the skin cells, providing deep hydration.

3 Hyaluronic Acids
Hydra Genius

3 Hyaluronic Acids

1. High Molecular Weight: Creates a film on skin’s layer to reduce water loss.

2. Biospheres: Captures evaporated water from lower layers resulting in plumped and smooth skin.

3. Medium Molecular Weight: Acts inside the skin to help improve skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Liquid Care Technology
Hydra Genius

Liquid Care

Inspired by Korean skincare, liquid care moisturizer is a water-based solution that absorbs quickly and penetrates deeper than a regular moisturizer to provide instant and long-lasting hydration.

Formula is non-greasy and goes well under makeup.



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