Le Vernis à l'huile By Colour Riche

Discover Le Vernis à l'huile by Colour Riche. Infused with 4 precious oils, the 1st oil nail polish by L'Oréal Paris delivers rich, powerful colour and incomparable mirror shine.

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Micro-oils Technology
Le Vernis à l'huile

Micro-oils Technology

The First Oil Nail Polish

It took over 10 years of research to formulate a nail polish infused with millions of micro-oils for vibrant colour, luxuriant shine and colour depth. Made with 4 precious oils (rose, camellia seed, lotus flower and argan), this unique formula offers rich, powerful colour and incomparable mirror shine.

A Jewel Of A Bottle
Le Vernis à l'huile

A Jewel
Of A Bottle

Striking Design

Le Vernis à l’Huile combines a unique formula with astriking design to create a veritable masterpiece. This elegant crystal-like and mosaic-cut flacon reflects the beauty of each colour and reveals an absolutely irresistible touch that makes every manicure a moment of sheer pleasure.

An Instinctive Stroke
Le Vernis à l'huile

An Instinctive Stroke

One-stroke application

Obtain breathtaking shine and opaque coverage in one easy stroke with its patented flexible brush and its wand cut like a diamond to resist excess polish dripping. Its 440 soft bristles, round shape and wider end work together to provide a beautiful effortless application.



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