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What does a concealer do?

A concealer has two main purposes. The first is to use for “pinpoint concealing”; targeting the small imperfections on your face with a precise application of product. In this manner, the best concealer to be used is usually slightly fuller coverage than foundation. L’Oréal Paris’ True Match Concealer, which comes in both a liquid and crayon format, is a great option. Another best concealer for pin point correcting uses green, purple, yellow and orange colour correcting concealer to neutralize different tones in the skin. L’Oréal Paris’ Infallible Colour Correcting Kit contains these 4 colour correcting concealer colours to help correct flaws. You may also use colour correcting concealers in an orange or peach shade in the under eye area. This leads to concealer’s second purpose - hiding dark circles. Often times, these type of concealing calls for a lighter concealer with a brightening effect. The best concealer for this is l’Oréal Paris’ Touche Magique Concealer, which will illuminate and conceal dark circles, without creasing.

What color concealer should I use?

If you have uneven skin tone, blemishes or dark circles, colour correcting concealers are best. L’Oréal Paris’ Colour Correcting Concealer Kit is the best concealer to neutralize pigmentation in the skin. Use the opposite colour of your problem-area: peach/orange for dark circles, green for redness/blemishes, purple for sallowness and yellow for brightening. Covering a scar or a pimple requires a heavier formula, is best when matte and a perfect match to your foundation. Try l’Oréal Paris’ best concealers for pin point concealing, such as our True Match Concealer Crayon or our True Match One Multi-Purpose Concealer. This type of product can double for underneath the eyes as well if used in a slightly lighter shade. You can also opt for an illuminating concealer such as Touche Magique, our best concealer to brighten the under eye area.



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