A 1-day colour for your hair that washes out with shampoo. This hair makeup has a gentle jelly formula mixed with makeup pigments for instant colour payoff.



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How to keep colored hair spray from rubbing off?

Step 1. Coloured hair spray sticks better on clean hair, so wash and dry your hair before you apply.
Step 2. Prep your skin by covering your neck with a towel and make sure you’re wearing clothing that isn’t white.
Step 3. Take your Colorista coloured hair spray and spray in short sprays starting from the middle of your hair and moving down.
Step 4. Take a brush and comb through your hair to get rid of excess product.
Step 5. If you want more color, continue adding layers by spraying and brushing through your hair.
Step 6. Wait 5 minutes for the coloured hair spray to fully dry.
Step 7. Grab a hairspray and spray over the coloured hair spray sections of your hair.

How to remove temporary hair color?

Step 1. Get a clarifying shampoo, or a dandruff shampoo and pour enough in a bowl to cover your head.
Step 2. Put a teaspoon of dish soap to help break down the temporary hair colour.
Step 3. Add a tablespoon of baking soda.
Step 4. Mix until completely blended and apply on your hair, but focusing on where the temporary hair color is.
Step 5. Let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing and using a hair mask to recondition your hair. The temporary hair colour should now be completely faded.

Our L’Oréal Colorista temporary hair colour sprays wash out with one shampoo, but if you still see any residue, then try these tips on your next wash.



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