Experiment hair colour without the commitment!
Colorista is with no ammonia, no peroxide and no damage. You can try the sprays for one-day or the semi-permanents for a week or 2!

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Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Time to be daring. With semi-permanent hair dye, you can finally pull off that hair colour you’ve always wanted—or if you don’t pull off that colour you can easily say goodbye in a few washes. Discover the best semi-permanent hair dyes with L'Oréal Paris. Browse between semi-permanent red hair colours to purple colours.

Semi-permanent hair colour is the perfect way to experiment and highlight, as their formulas don’t deeply penetrate cuticles like permanent hair dye does, allowing for a surface only dye. Using semi-permanent hair dye is also easier as you can skip the mixing and use the applicator to apply directly to your hair.

If you just adore your semi-permanent hair colour, discover our shampoo and conditioner for colour treated hair to add a little more longevity.



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