Experiment with hair colour without the commitment! Colorista is formulated with no ammonia, no peroxide – a hair colour without the damage. Choose from the NEW Colorista Hair Makeup, 1-day colour for tips and highlights, Colorista Spray for 1-day colour you can easily spray on your strands or Colorista Semi-Permanent for bold colour that lasts 1-2 weeks.

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Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Time to be daring. With semi-permanent hair dye, you can finally pull off that hair colour you’ve always wanted—or if you don’t pull off that colour you can easily say goodbye in a few washes. Discover the best semi-permanent hair dyes with L'Oréal Paris. Browse between semi-permanent red hair colours to purple colours.

Semi-permanent hair colour is the perfect way to experiment and highlight, as their formulas don’t deeply penetrate cuticles like permanent hair dye does, allowing for a surface only dye. Using semi-permanent hair dye is also easier as you can skip the mixing and use the applicator to apply directly to your hair.

If you just adore your semi-permanent hair colour, discover our shampoo and conditioner for colour treated hair to add a little more longevity.

How to make semi permanent hair color last longer?

1. Protect your hair while in the shower
Avoid hot water when washing your hair to prevent the semi permanent hair colour from leaving. Always use colour-safe shampoo and conditioners on semi permanent hair colour to protect your hair against detergents that can strip your colour.

2. Limit how often you wash your hair
Not only does washing your hair too much can dry out your hair, but it also takes away the semi permanent hair colour. Try only washing your hair twice a week and use dry shampoo in between to give volume to your hair.

Our L’Oréal Paris Colorista semi permanent hair colour usually washes out within 1-2 weeks, but if you want the colour to last longer, try these tips.

How to get rose gold hair color at home?

Step 1. Prepare for the colour by washing and drying your hair to help the rose gold hair colour stick. Make sure to protect your neck from the hair colour with a towel.

Step 2. Take the L’Oréal Paris rose gold hair spray and use short sprays for minimal messiness.

Step 3. For a precise rose gold hair look, take a section of hair and use a sheet of paper under it to protect the rest of your hair. Try spraying from different angles for super-saturated rose gold hair highlights.

How to dye your hair teal?

Step 1. Take the L’Oréal Paris Colorista teal hair colour and use the applicator to apply it on your hair. To get a pigmented teal hair colour, work in small sections and start from the roots first. For an even bolder payoff, apply some of the teal hair colour on your hands (while you’re wearing plastic gloves!) and massage it into your hair.

Step 2. Let the hair colour sit for 15-30 minutes, but for a brighter colour let it sit for an extra 5 minutes. Rinse completely and show off your new teal hair colour!



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