Why You Should Try Ash Brown Hair

If seasons were involved in a popularity contest, we all know that summer would take the top prize, time and time again. And we get it—as Canadians, we wait for it for a long, long time. But let’s get real: if you start looking at things objectively, rather than being blinded by summer’s long days, warm nights and ice cream dates, it becomes crystal clear that there is only one true winner, and its name is fall.

It’s when you get to enjoy perfect, mild weather (read: no makeup dripping down your face), beautiful, multi-coloured trees, jacket season and—arguably the best part—it’s when most people start itching for a change, beauty-wise. Usually, that itch rears its head in the form of the following questions: “Should I get bangs?” and “Should I dye my hair?”

This fall, we’re here to answer those questions for you: probably not, and yes—definitely! If you’re looking for hair-colour ideas, you’re in luck, because ash brown is one of the biggest hair dye trends of the year. Whether you’re looking to make a huge change (e.g., you’re currently rocking blonde locks and want to go brown) or you’re a brunette with your eye on some new brown hair colour ideas, ash brown is a great option.

Luckily, L'Oréal Paris has plenty of hair dye options, should you choose to go the ash brown route. L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference has an entire range of options, ranging from dark ash brown to very light ash blonde, and pretty much everything in between. The translucent gel formula is lightweight, fade-resistant and long-lasting. Yes, really! The shade lasts for a whopping, super-impressive eight weeks, and will actually leave your hair looking shinier than it was before you coloured it. Talk about a modern-day miracle!

Also often referred to as “mushroom brown hair” (not the prettiest term, but it is accurate—the shade is meant to look like the multi-dimensional shades of a portobello mushroom, after all), this warm and cool combo should skyrocket to the top of your “must try hair colours” list.

Ash brown is a particularly great option for fall, as the colour maintains the richness and depth of brown hair, but also blends in cool ashy-grey tones, giving the end result a multi-dimensional look that you’ll love. The shade is a great option for all skin tones, and won’t look too harsh on blondes who want to go darker. In fact, it makes an excellent transitional colour, if you’re looking to either darken or lighten your current hue. The combination of cool and warm tones will make your shade transition easier than ever, and totally seamless.

Ash brown is one of the most popular hair colours for 2019, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. You’ll end up with a timeless colour that might just become your signature look. Join the ranks of A-list celebrities who have hopped on the ash brown hair trend and never hopped off. If you’re ready to make a hair colour change for fall, try ash brown hair to cool down your summer hue, and take the chic, polished look into winter, too.

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