Why French Girls Have Great Hair

Parisian women just have it going on: perfectly tousled, slightly unkempt hair. Their hair always looks artfully rumpled, never messy—that effortless “I woke up like this” thing Frenchwomen seem to do better than anyone.

This idyllic French-girl hair formula has long set the bar for casual elegance. Take a look at some of our favourite French stars of today and that de-coiffed French-girl hair look is still going strong. That’s timelessness at its best.

Thankfully, you can master French-girl hair—it’s actually easier than you think. Word to the wise: The secret lies in accepting your natural texture, not fighting it—whether it’s stick-straight, wavy or of the corkscrew variety—and trying to bring the best out of it. It’s about using the right products, and it all comes down to moisture to enhance the health of your hair.

Ready to jump on the healthy, untouched hair bandwagon and discover your very own French-girl hair routine, mes chères? Ahead, we’ve listed the ideal L’Oréal Paris products to achieve your best carefree texture yet, so keep scrolling. Cool French-girl hair at drugstore prices? Oui, s’il vous plaît!

French-girl hair routine step 1: the right shampoo

What shampoo is good for your hair? When it comes to idyllic French-girl hair, think of your hair like your favourite cashmere sweater. You wouldn’t just throw it in any wash cycle after wearing it, right? It’s all about reaching for a gentle, nourishing, shine-enhancing shampoo to treat hair. Containing six precious oils, L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Shampoo is your winning ticket for restoring dry, damaged, overprocessed hair. The unique formula delivers intense nutrition to parched strands yet won’t weigh them down. You’re simply left with ultra-soft texture infused with brilliant shine.

French-girl hair routine step 2: the right hair mask

We’re a firm believer in giving your strands a little extra TLC before reaching for your conditioner after shampooing. Infused with the same softening precious oils as the shampoo, L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil 1001 Uses Coconut Oil Mask is also whipped with extra-fine coconut oil, which helps to deeply nourish and strengthen hair. Bonus: The formula’s melting texture is lightweight enough to use even on fine hair. No greasy look here. When it comes to application, work your preferred amount (which all depends on the length and texture of your hair) into wet hair, and leave it on for five minutes so that your hair has some time to soak it up before rinsing. What’s more, this hard-working best hair mask has many more tricks up its sleeves: It can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment on dry hair, as an overnight mask or even as a leave-in treatment for coarser, thicker hair types. Did we mention it’s also a great detangler?

French-girl hair routine step 3: the right conditioner

How to have healthy hair? Know that a hair and scalp cleansing routine should always be followed with a conditioner. The conditioning process mimics the benefits of a moisturizer on the face: It helps to smooth the surface of the hair shaft and seal in hydration. But not all conditioners are made equal. Keep it in the Extraordinary family with L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Conditioner and your post-rinse free-flowing hair will thank you. Hot tip: Work the creamy product through the lengths of your hair, and leave it on for one to three minutes before rinsing.

French-girl hair routine step 4: the right finishing treatment

The French-girl hair formula means never leaving your strands bare. Once you’ve finished your washing routine, reach for a hair oil like L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Penetrating Oil, which can be used before styling to help control and discipline hair or as your finishing pièce de résistance for exquisite softness and shine. Great for all hair types, this hair oil deeply penetrates the fibre of the hair for healthy, nourished strands.

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