Trending Now: Recreate The Bambi Eye Look

Step 1: All about that straight brow

Brows are a big part of creating this look and the goal is to have them appear straight instead of arched. To achieve this, start by combing up your brow tail using the L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Definer spoolie. You can then use the pencil to fill in your brows and camouflage your arch so that the brow is straight and comes to a point at the end. You can also use L’Oreal Paris Infallible Full Wear concealer to hide a few of the tail hairs if you have a more pronounced arch tail.

Step 2: Create shape with shadows

Once you have your base, it is time to start creating the bambi eye shape with shadows. To make it easiest, pick 3 shades of eyeshadow in the same family but one light, one medium and one darker. Our top picks are our Colour Riche Monos in Sunset Seine, Café au Lait and Little Beige Dress. Start with the medium shade, in this case Café au Lait, to create the eyeshape. You want to start towards the end of your bottom lash line and with an eyeshadow brush draw upwards a long tail towards the tail of your eyebrow stopping about a half inch or so away (whatever feels natural for you). Then come down with the colour and trace along your upper lash line. Trace this a few times until it is pronounced. Then you can go in with the darker shade, Little Beige Dress, and a more precise brush, following the same shape but sticking closer to the lash line and less thick for the wing. Lastly, take the lightest shade, Sunset Seine and tab in the inner corner of your eye and a bit on the lids ensuring to blend slightly out towards the wing while still keeping the shape you created.

Step 3: Dramatic extended liner

Now that you’ve created the shape you can go in with our Flash Cat Eye liner. Start a few millimetres away from the inner corner of your eye and trace the same shape hugging your upper lash line then extending up towards your brow. What is great about this liner is that it comes with a stencil so you can use the edge of it to ensure a straight wing.

Step 4:Finish by perfecting your base

The final step to nailing this look is cleaning up your base when you are done the eye look. To conceal and correct your under eye area as well as clean up under the shadow wing, use our Infallible Full Wear concealer – it is easy to apply with it’s extra large applicator and amazing formula. Next set your under eye area with our Infallible Loose Powder – it will lock the concealer in place and lighten ever so slightly so your eyes are sure to pop.

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