Switch up your Beauty Routine for Warmer Weather

  1. Protect your colour

Sun protection is just as important for your hair as it is for your skin as UV rays can damage your hair and even cause changes in your hair colour. To avoid this, incorporate a shampoo & conditioner with UV filters, like our Colour Radiance line, into your hair care routine for summer to preserve your hair’s colour and luminosity even with exposure to the sun. As the sun can also dry out the hair, we would also recommend a hair mask like our Color Radiance Colour Care mask 1-2 times per week four added nourishment and hydration.

  1. Add some subtle glow

It is easy to get a safe natural-looking glow at home with our Sublime Bronze self-tanners. We suggest our Sublime Bronze, its water mousse formula with Vitamin E will not only give you a streak free glow but it also hydrates as it tans. Or, if you just want to tan a specific area (like your face or legs) try our easy to use Sublime Bronze towelettes.

  1. Let your skin breathe

There is no need to shy away from some foundation coverage in the summer especially thanks to our Fresh Wear foundation provides medium to full buildable coverage that lasts all day but in an extremely lightweight and breathable formula. It is also sweat, water and transfer resistant so you can take on whatever adventures warmer days have in store for you without worry.

  1. Fight summer frizz

If you are someone whose hair is prone to frizz as soon as humidity levels rise, you will want to integrate a serum into your hair routine. Our Dream Lengths Sleek Frizz Eraser combines castor oil and protein for 24-hour frizz control. It also provides heat protection up to 230°C so you don’t need to add another hair product before using heat styling tools.

  1. Layer on the sun protection

The last and most important step in your spring and summer routine is to ensure you layer on the sun protection. This step is made easy thanks to our Revitalift Triple Power LZR SPF 30 lotion which not only protects your skin but it also fights signs of aging by reducing the look of wrinkles, firming and brightening the skin.

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