Three Ways to Use an Exfoliating Scrub

Sure, it’s made for your face, but you can actually use this scrub for much more.

If there’s one thing that everybody wants in a beauty product, it’s versatility. Finding a product you love and then finding new uses for it? Jackpot. Which is why L’Oréal Paris Pure-Sugar Scrub should be at the top of your beauty list. You already know that it’s an exfoliating scrub for your face, but you can also use it on your lips and body. In all instances, you’ll get a great exfoliating scrub and smoother, softer skin. Need a few pointers on how to start making this go-to product a triple threat? Keep reading.

How it works

Exfoliating is key to helping slough away dead skin, which is essential if you’re concerned about blocked pores and the acne and irritation that can come with them. An exfoliating scrub helps all the products you put on after it—serums, moisturizers, face masks—work better and penetrate deeper, which means you get better results. It’s an essential part of your beauty routine to keep skin smooth, supple and soft.

Application tip #1: Use it on your face.

The classic way to use the scrub is on your face, which is why it was created in the first place. Make sure to cleanse your face first and then apply the L’Oréal Paris Pure-Sugar Scrub blend of your choice (more on that below), and use your fingers to gently massage the product into your skin, making small circles with your fingers. Don’t forget the spots that often get missed: around your nostrils, your hairline and your neck.

Application tip #2: Use it on your body.

Just like your complexion, the skin on your body could use some love, too—and unfortunately, it’s often neglected. Now, you don’t even need to pick up a new product. Simply use the same scrub on your body! While you can apply and massage it in the same way, you can also use an exfoliating brush, which will help with some hard-to-reach areas, like the centre of your back. Again, remember to focus on the areas that most likely need a little sloughing off, like your elbows, knees and heels. You’ll be amazed at just how baby-soft your limbs feel when you’re done.

Application tip #3: Use it on your lips.

Even those who scrub regularly have a habit of missing their lips—despite the fact that they are technically on your face. Having a dry and flaky pout is no good, especially if you love wearing bold lipstick. Gently rub a little of the scrub on your lips and then wipe it away with a warm washcloth.

Shop the range

Not all scrubs are created equal. This particular one combines three types of sugar—brown, white and blond—to be a gentle and effective way to keep things smooth. But, you can tailor the experience even more by picking a product with your special skin issues in mind. The cocoa in L’Oréal Paris Pure-Sugar Scrub for Dry Skin nourishes dry skin, while the kiwi in L’Oréal Paris Pure-Sugar Scrub for Oily Skin helps to unclog pores even more, which is great for balancing oily skin. Finally, the grapeseed in L’Oréal Paris Pure-Sugar Scrub for Dull Skin brightens so you’re glowing, and the coffee in L’Oréal Paris Pure-Sugar Scrub for Rough Skin helps keep you extra-smooth. All of these contain almond oil, so no matter which one you choose, your skin will be hydrated and never dry or tight—it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out.

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